Justin Oquendo Wins SNORE 1450 Championship with Holley EFI and Earl’s Performance Plumbing

Justin Oquendo Wins SNORE 1450 Championship with Holley EFI and Earl’s Performance Plumbing

vendor.2015.earl-performance-plumbing.racer.justin-oquendo.at-snore1450-race.jpgJustin Oquendo wrapped up a dominating year in the Southern Nevada Off-Road Enthusiasts 1450 class by clinching the season championship at the final event, The Rage At The River at the Laughlin Events Park in Nevada. Justin scored the most points at five out of his six races this year, showing that he was truly in a class of his own. 

Justin races a Kibbetech Racing built Ford Ranger. The 418 cubic inch LS3 engine was built by Mullenix Racing Engines and utilizes Holley HP EFI to control the powertrain, Holley fuel rails to supply fuel, and a Holley 95 mm throttle body to provide air, while Earl’s Performance Plumbing fittings, lines, and cooler work to keep the power steering system’s temperature under control. Justin has been very impressed with the Holley EFI system. In speaking with Justin, he said “My Holley EFI system has been unstoppable! I have had zero issues in 22 months of use. Its self-tuning is amazing. We used to spend an entire day tuning, but now 6-7 dyno pulls get it where it needs to be.”

Throughout the 2013-2014 season, the Kibbetech Ford Ranger struggled with an overheating power steering system, causing power steering fade. Even after trying several different high performance power steering fluids and a bigger power steering cooler, the team ran into the same issues at the next race. That is when they turned to Holley again, who recommended their Earl’s 13 row, 4″ tall, 8″ wide, 2″ thick oil cooler with Earl’s Super Stock AN Fittings and Super Stock Push-On Hose. With the Earl’s cooler bolted in the same location as the previous cooler, fluid temperature was decreased by 35° during the warmup cycle. During the race, Justin experienced zero steering fade, which made the truck much easier to handle throughout the race. During a pit stop, steering fluids temperatures typically reached 270-290°. With the Earl’s Cooler in place, temperatures never surpassed 194°.

Even though Holley EFI can handle race vehicles as radical as Justin Oquendo’s Ford Ranger, it is just as at home on street rods, drift cars, circle track cars, drag cars, boats, and almost anything else you can think of. For more information on Holley’s Terminator, HP, and Dominator EFI systems & accessories, click HERE. And whether it is your power steering, transmission, fuel system, braking, or any other fluid system, Earl’s Performance Plumbing has you covered with lines, fittings, and coolers to keep your ride performing at its best, no matter the conditions. To check out the Earl’s product line, click HERE.

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