Kenda Tire & Cement Marketing Put the Wheels in Motion

Kenda Tire & Cement Marketing Put the Wheels in Motion



Kenda Tire & Cement Marketing Put the Wheels in Motion


Kenda: a company famous for producing quality performance tires at an incredible value. Cement Marketing: an independent agency known for combining innovative analysis with creative vision to bring brands to life online. Together: two companies paving their way to greatness, one digital channel at a time.


Cement was brought on board to increase visibility for this attractive and adventurous brand by way of a strong SEO and Social Media strategy; the bread and butter of Cement Marketing’s operation.


“We know it is important to be able to capture the consumer’s attention online and in-store. We are confident that this is a step in the right direction to meeting the consumer where they are.” -Jimmy Yang, President, American Kenda Rubber Industrial Co. LTD


“Of all the agencies Kenda could have picked, we’re thrilled to be the one they chose to partner with. They’re an internationally-renowned company based right here in Central Ohio with a passionate band of followers. To be a part of expanding that fan base and furthering that engagement is a huge honor for us.” -Seth Gray, Co-Founder and Chief Strategist, Cement Marketing


If you’re already a fan of Kenda Tire, get ready to see a whole lot more of them. And if this is the first time you’re hearing the name, prepare for an all-new adventure. We can’t wait to see what these amazing companies accomplish together.




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