Kenda ushers in All-New UTV/SXS MASTODON Tire Line

Kenda ushers in All-New UTV/SXS MASTODON Tire Line


Kenda ushers in



The Kenda MASTODON line presents two new choices for UTV/SXS riders to dial in their terrain. The Kenda Mastodon AT K3203 was designed to be the ultimate “do-it-all” UTV/SXS tire from hard ground to mud. The aggressive, open tread design not only increases overall traction performance, but it also allows good clean out in the mud. The large contact patch on the K3203 gives the Kenda Mastodon AT superior traction on harder ground conditions.  This tire also features a heavy duty radial 8ply rated casing for the ultimate in puncture resistance, making this the new go-to tire for a wide range of terrains.


Not to be out done, the Kenda MASTODON HT K3201 was built to conquer trail and hard terrain conditions. The tread pattern was influenced by light truck tires giving it a smooth ride quality in both tight rocky terrain, as well as high-speed desert conditions. Boasting the same heavy duty Radial 8ply rated casing for superior puncture resistance, the Kenda Mastodon HT K3201 is ready to tame some of the toughest trails.


“These tires are made for any ATV and UTV customer who wants optimal grip, without destroying their budget.”  States Jason Baldwin Director of Powersports.  “We worked hard in our engineering facility to hit our ideal targets of grip, weight, durability, and price.”

Available Sizes:

Mastodon HT K3201

254E3085     25x8R-12

254F3084     25X10R-12

239F3002     26X9R-12

239J3008      26X11R-12

254G3000    26X9R-14

254J3007      26X11R-14

25703083     28X10R-14

25713082     30X10R-14

Mastodon AT K3203

254L3088     25x8R-12

254K3089     25X10R-12

251J3003      26X9R-12

251K3002     26X11R-12

254W3003   26X9R-14

254X3002     26X11R-14

25723081     28X10R-14

25733080     30X10R-14