Lavey Craft Motorsports Launches Fiberglass Body Kit for Yamaha® YXZ1000R

Lavey Craft Motorsports Launches Fiberglass Body Kit for Yamaha® YXZ1000R

CORONA, California – September 16, 2016 – Lavey Craft Motorsports introduced today its latest creation in their line up of off road body kits, offering yet another revolutionary and unique look option, to off road aficionados who want to stand apart.

“We are people of action with lots of creative ideas; we’re never idle,” said Chris Camire, President and Co-Owner of Lavey Craft Motorsports. “Engineering and developing SXS body parts was a natural course of action. Using our extensive experience with high-end boat manufacturing, and applying this craftsmanship for the off road crowd, was the smart thing to do during the slow season.”


Just like their other off road body parts, the new Yamaha® YXZ1000R body kit named Cobra, uses full marine composite construction, is gelcoat molded and hand laminated. Their fiberglass construction is much better than the competition using metal for their body parts; fiberglass is durable, lightweight and there’s no rattling. All color options are available, as well as matching graphics, metal flake, etc.

Just in time for the off road season in the South West, this new body kit will make many heads turn as there is nothing like it out there, you can barely recognize that a Yamaha® YXZ1000R is hiding under there. There is no competition to this day offering a finished body kit for this Yamaha® platform. This kit arrives superbly finished and ready to bolt on.


“These kits are a perfect addition for a new or existing owner who wants to stand apart from a sea of identical looking products,” said Dave Sampson, Co-Owner of Lavey Craft Motorsports. “They are easy enough for your average guy to bolt on. They are also great for dealers looking to differentiate themselves from their competition, and make more money per sale.”

Unlike their body kit for the Polaris® RZR XP1000 for which you can buy components individually, because of the way Yamaha® built the YXZ1000R, this new Lavey Craft body kit needs to be purchased all together. The eight-piece kit bolts on to the stock frame. Lavey Craft and its resellers offer installation services, but new owners can do it themselves if they are at all handy.

Interested parties can find information about this new body kit on the Lavey Craft Motorsports website (, or visit their shop in Corona, CA.

Lavey Craft is currently growing their reseller network across the United States and internationally, in order to make it easier for clients to see and acquire these products. Lavey Craft is expected to announce additional alliances this fall.

Lavey Craft Motorsports is a leading award winning custom boat manufacturer, as well as a premiere marine service, restoration and repair facility. In recent years, Lavey Craft applied their decades of experience in engineering high end, and unique looking, gelcoated fiberglass body parts for off road vehicles.



CORONA, CA, 92880, USA