Liquid Performance Ethanol Equalizer Now Available at PowerSports Place

Liquid Performance Ethanol Equalizer Now Available at PowerSports Place

vendor.2012.summit-racing.fuel-stabilizer.jpgWhy It’s Cool: Easy preventative maintenance against engine trouble. Liquid Performance’s Ethanol Equalizer prevents water build-up and fuel system corrosion due to the presence of ethanol in pump gas. Its synthetic blend helps combat the phase separation that robs fuel of octane. Ethanol Equalizer can increase horsepower, while also stabilizing fuel during periods of extended storage.

One ounce of Liquid Performance Ethanol Equalizer treats ten gallons of fuel.

Part Numbers: 

LQP-0766 One ounce bottle

LQP-0765 Four ounce bottle


Other Stuff Worth Knowing: PowerSports Place also carries additives like fuel lubricants, octane boosters, stabilizers, and fuel system cleaners to squeeze the most performance out of every drop of fuel.

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