Load-Lite – Trifold Loading Ramps

Load-Lite – Trifold Loading Ramps

logo.2014.greatdayinc.jpgTri-fold loading ramps have a lot of good selling points—first, they give you plenty of loading width, but still fold compactly enough to slide between the wheels of most ATV’s and UTV’s. Then, Great Day’s Load-Lite Tri-fold Ramps add a few things that you won’t find with the other guys. They are made of lightweight aircraft aluminum, they have gripping ridges on the loading rungs for sure-footed loading, quick attaching security straps for safe loading and the lightest weight of any tri-fold ramp on the market.

Tri-Fold Lite – Model #LL50697

Size: 50” x 69” open, 16” x 69” x 6.75” folded 

Rungs/Panel: 9, Rung Length: 14.5”, Rung Spacing: 7”

Weight: 26 lbs, Capacity: 1500 lbs

Shipping: 28 lbs, 18” x 70” x 8”

A tri-fold ramp has one huge advantage – it can be folded and conveniently stored between the wheels of a 4 wheeler. The LL50697 has been the workhorse of our line for a long time. It is ideal for ATV’s and lawnmowers.


Tri-Fold Long – Model #LL46827

Size: 46” x 82” open, 15” x 82” x 6.75” folded

Rungs/Panel: 11, Rung Length: 13” Rung Spacing: 7”

Weight: 33 lbs, Capacity: 1250 lbs

Shipping: 34 lbs, 16” x 82” x 7”

Sometimes the height of a truck bed calls for a longer ramp to insure safe and smooth loading. The LL46827 is the perfect ramp for “high rollers”. 

Made with Pride in the USA!