MUTS Multi Use Trailer System

MUTS Multi Use Trailer System

The MUTS Trailer certainly fits the old quote “Necessity is the mother of invention”. 

Muts trailers began in 2002 as a personal needs project.
Living on 62 acres of extremely rough and rocky land on the Canadian Shield in Bancroft Ontario, the owner, Larry Edgar realized that the trailers for sale at that time were inadequate for his needs. They had very limited functionality and he  could not afford to buy dedicated equipment such as a box trailer and log skidder.

Always willing to experiment Larry began designing a more versatile trailer by combining a dump feature and log skidding ability on the same carriage. With no skill or ability to fabricate with metal Larry would go to his mechanic to have his ideas welded together.
When friends suggested he had a product worth selling Larry decided to give it a try. The first few years were challenging but Larry persevered. After taking a welding course and buying some basic tools he began making trailers in his garage. If he was going to have a successful business then the trailers needed to be dependable as well as versatile so much field testing was done to ensure the trailers would stand up to a lot of rough use.

Larry very quickly out grew the garage and decided to have the MUTS manufactured overseas. The results were very nearly disastrous for the business. By now Larry was convinced that he had a really good product so instead of shutting down, went out and found a manufacturer in Guelph Ontario and more recently in Madoc Ontario to produce the trailers to his specifications.

Quality, versatility, and service are the foundation of the MUTS trailer business today with sales throughout North America, parts of Europe and as far away as New Zealand.

With the rapid increase in ATV, UTV, and compact tractor use many people are looking for suitable implements for small scale landscaping, flower and vegetable plots and general hobby farm work. The MUTS trailer fits very nicely into this niche area with its many features.

 The MUTS is still a work in progress as Larry is constantly making improvements and developing new accessories to make the MUTS the most versatile, made in Canada, pull behind ATV utility trailer available today.
Work is currently under way to develop skis and a manure spreader for the MUTS to make it an even more versatile product.

Why Choose A MUTS?

  • Made in CANADA: With high quality materials and precision workmanship so you know it’s a top quality product.
  • Versatility: A MUTS trailer is lighter, more maneuverable and more stable than the competition and yet can still handle a 2,000 lb. payload with ease, even in rough terrain.
  • Unique Features: Developed first for the MUTS trailer to create the most versatile pull behind ATV work trailer on the market. See the features above. Beware of copycatters.
  • 3 Year WarrantyAgainst defects in materials and workmanship. Why 3 years? Simple. A MUTS Trailer is designed and built to last and that’s what it does!

Check the web site periodically for updates.

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Phone:  613-332-1480