Nekia USA Announces the Tire Ninja

Nekia USA Announces the Tire Ninja

Tire Ninja Detailed Information

When it comes to vehicle maintenance, tires represent about 20% of total expenses.  Tires are one of the top three O&M cost items for general trucking firms but the number one cost item for sanitation and refuse fleets!  Fleet owners have no choice but to keep seeking out every possible operating cost reduction.  Certainly, none can afford to overlook savings that can be derived from properly managing the third largest operating cost for most fleets – tires.


The number one cause of blowouts can be directly attributed to excessive heat generated from under inflation. Additional problems such as tread separation, ply separation, and zipper rupture often stem from similar overheating events. Failure to regularly check air pressure is a frequently cited cause.  Tire Ninja helps maintain tire pressure, affords an additional margin of safety, and usefully extends tire pressure monitoring intervals when unavoidable.  Tire Ninja substantially reduces porosity, air migration, and slow leaks.  Tire industry magazines, trade associations, tire manufacturers, and the Retread Industry all agree under inflation is the number one cause of premature tire failure.  The protective barrier provided by Tire Ninja insures that tire pressure will be maintained for extended periods and will run up to 15% cooler. Cooler running tires means longer tread life and casings that are better candidates for retread.  A cooler running tire, combined with Tire Ninja’s capacity to seal porosity at the inner liner protects against tread and ply separation caused by air migration between the plies of new and retread tires.  This process multiplied over a tires lifetime results in additional retread cycles and extended casing life.  Tire Ninja’s proprietary formulation contains ingredients that retard dry rot and aging from within the tire, which increases the life of any tubeless tire casing.


Tire Ninja contains a proprietary process that protects the sealant against heat and provides the ability to perform effectively for the legal tread life of the tire.  Tire Ninja’s operating temperature under normal conditions range from -40° to 302°F.  Tire Ninja contains a complete rust and corrosion inhibiting system that not only protects steel and alloy wheels, but protects steel belts.  Outside contaminants entering through a wound can cause steel belts to rust and plies to separate.  Tire Ninja prevents this from occurring.  Without Tire Ninja protection, outside contaminants can destroy valuable casings.


Tire Ninja also provides amazing puncture protection.  When a puncture occurs, Tire Ninja immediately forms a positive and secure seal.  If the puncturing object remains in the tire, Tire Ninja effectively seals around it.  Tire Ninja’s proprietary process forms a coating that clings to the inner surface of the tire and wheel assembly providing protection at all times.  Tire Ninja consistently and repeatedly seals punctures up to ¼” within the tread area (1/2” with Heavy Duty Formula). The repair plug will remain positive and secure, extending from the inner liner through to the external surface.  The plus is pliable and flexes with the tread. Tire Ninja will not seal a tire where the structural integrity is severely damaged or weakened, but it will attempt to slow the escaping air contributing to the vehicles ability to come to a controlled stop.  Tire Ninja’s polymer fiber matrix resists the effects of heat or water.


Tire Ninja will not mask or hide damage that could affect the safety of the wheel and tire.  Tire Ninja cannot repair major damage to a tires structure or a cracked wheel, but instead allows air to escape at a substantially reduced rate, thereby allowing the tire to deflate in a slower, controlled manner.  This alleviates the hazards associated with blowouts.


Tire Ninja is completely water dispersible in its liquid state, and leaves no appreciable residue when rinsed with plain water, yet it will not dissolve within a wound after it has cured.  Standard repairing procedures can be utilized without additional effort.



Feature List

*Keeps tires properly inflated

*Extends tire life

*Increases fuel economy of vehicles

*Lasts for the life of the tire

*Makes a permanent repair

*Reduces equipment downtime

*Eliminates tire repair costs

*Reduces lost man hours

*Keeps tires up to 35° cooler

*Reduces blow-outs

*Extends tire casing life

*Reduces thrown re-treads

*Effective from -45° F to over 200°F

*Coats evenly, aids heavy truck tire balance

*Content never separates, no mixing required

*Indefinite shelf life

*100% Water soluble for easy cleanout

*Meets EPA standards for municipal disposal

*Non flammable, nonhazardous

*Will not rust, corrode, or pit wheels

*Does not void tire manufacturer warranties

*Works in tube type tires

*More effective in tubeless tires


Feel Safe At all Times

EASY TO USE Ready to use with no mixing or special preparation needed. And since there is no need to completely deflate the tire, it only takes a few minutes to install with our hand injector pump.


NO MESS Completely water soluble for easy cleanout of a tire if recapping or patching a large puncture is required.


WON’T HARM TIRE OR WHEEL Sealing action is completely mechanical – there is no chemical reaction that might harm the tire or cause corrosion on the wheel.


WILL NOT SEPARATE Will remain effective for the life of the tire.


STAYS IN PLACE Will not migrate to the bottom of the tire when the vehicle is stopped. Protection is permanent!


EFFECTIVE IN COLD WEATHER Remains fluid and effective in temperatures down to -45°F and up to 200°F.


SAFE TO USE Contains no asbestos fibers. As a safety precaution, eye protection is recommended when injecting into high pressure industrial tires.



Extremely effective in tubeless tires, less effective in tube type tires. May not work with some low tire pressure equalizers or indicator systems.

How Tire Ninja Works

HOW DOES IT WORK? Tire Ninja is installed quickly and easily through the valve stem. When the vehicle is driven, the fluid action of the solution causes the entire interior surface of the tire to be coated. The adhesion properties keep the solution in place at all times, ready to seal any source of air loss. The tire is now protected from any puncture or other leaks for the remaining life of the tire.Tire Ninja in the tire also helps to dissipate the heat caused by road friction, allowing the tire to run much cooler.


When a puncture occurs, the centrifugal force of the rotating tire and internal pressure forcesTire Ninja into the hole. This forms a temporary seal, and as the tire continues to turn, the flexing action causes more material to go into the puncture. A permanent seal is caused as the puncture is packed with fibers and other solids.




Will Seal up to 1/4″ hole and Larger

When the puncturing object is removed, the vehicle should be driven in order to duplicate the above procedure. Once this has taken place, the seal is permanent and will last for the life of the tire.Tire Ninja will seal punctures. up to 1/4″ in diameter in the tread area. Larger punctures will normally seal if they are near the center of the tread area, or in heavy ply tires. A puncture that occurs while driving the vehicle will seal almost instantly and very little air will be lost before a permanent seal is made.


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