Never miss another moment of the action!

Never miss another moment of the action!

vendor.2015.3br-powersports.go-pro-case.jpgPleasant Prairie, WI, April 2015 – Heck yeah! You totally just cleared that jump, blasted your buddy through a mud hole, or shredded through a sick snowmobile trail. This is going to be so awesome to watch again on your GoPro® camera. But wait! You missed the shot because somewhere along the way, the battery died…

Until now you had two choices for camera protection: Use the camera in a sealed protective case, with limited battery life OR run an open “skeleton” case that allows you to hook to external power but offers no protection from the elements.

Enter the new X~PWR™ All-Weather External Power Case from 3BR Powersports. The supplied case and connecting cable now offer sealed protection system for your GoPro Hero 3® or Hero 4® camera while also allowing it to be plugged into a continuous USB power source. The rugged case design protects your GoPro® camera from harsh environments but unlike the standard GoPro® case, the X~PWR™ case and B-CAPPED™ power cable provides a patented seal design to keep out debris and moisture while charging. No longer do you have to expose the camera to the elements to change batteries. Never again miss that exciting video shot due to dead batteries! Shoot up to 9 hours of 1080-30FPS video on a single 64GB card. The B-CAPP™ cable can also be used to download your videos without having to remove the camera from the case; no more fumbling with Micro-SD cards!

X~PWR All-Weather External Power Case (Part Number 160-0030-18) MSRP $59.95

Kit includes:

  • X~PWR™ All-weather camera case

  • 18” B-CAPPED™ USB Power Cable (For handlebar or dash mounting)

Optional Accessory Cables:

  • Part 202-0068-54: 54” B-CAPPED™ Power Cable (For helmet or body to pocket use)

  • Part 202-0068-66: 66” B-CAPPED™ Power Cable (For helmet or body to vehicle use)

Optional Power Port Accessories:

Plug your X~PWR™ protected GoPro® camera into one of 3BR Powersports’ TAPP™ family of all-weather USB power ports using a TAPP CAPP™ cable for a complete all-weather system powered from your motorcycle, ATV, UTV, snowmobile or other powersports vehicle.

About 3BR

3BR Powersports, LLC, is a family owned, family run small business dedicated to creating practical products to enhance the usability of technology products for adventure enthusiasts. As avid powersports riders, the founders of 3BR found that they had accessory needs that couldn’t be met with available products so they began making their own. Other adventure enthusiasts liked what they saw and asked for parts to be made for themselves, and thus began 3BR Powersports. Visit for more information.