New Advanced Testing Puts Hitches in Actual, On-Vehicle Conditions

New Advanced Testing Puts Hitches in Actual, On-Vehicle Conditions

New, Advanced Testing Puts Hitches in Actual, On-Vehicle Conditions

CURT Engineering Implements “Real Towing” Test with Multi-faceted Carlos TC Testing

CURT Manufacturing, the leading manufacturer of USA-made towing products, has developed new testing capabilities at its engineering facility in Wixom, MI. This multi-faceted, three-axis, real-time test allows us to prove the safety of our hitches like never before and is setting a new standard in the towing industry in North America.

Based on testing developed by European manufacturers called the Carlos TC (Car Loading Standard, Trailer Coupling), this new test is designed to simulate towing in the real world. It does this using three actuators and varying loads. While many tests today apply load pressure up and down, we are able to simulate actual driving conditions by pushing, pulling, lifting and pressing at the coupling point. These forces are applied in varying combinations and degrees, to mimic the behavior of a real trailer in tow.

At CURT, we pride ourselves on paving the way in the towing industry with new innovations and the most advanced technology. This includes testing. Currently, we are working with some of our OE customers, as well as a competitor, to develop our new testing capability into an industry-wide standard for North America. Robert Krouse, Director of R & D, Testing and Wixom Engineering stated, “It is important that we are testing our products to the state-of-the-art, and the Carlos TC test and our latest North American industry work are important steps in furthering that goal.”

To learn more about our new testing capabilities in Wixom, check out our video. To learn more about CURT Manufacturing and our products, please visit our website.


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