New Model ATVs – The Arctic Cat ATV Lineup

New Model ATVs – The Arctic Cat ATV Lineup likes choices.  Arctic Cat knows you do too, and their ATV lineup has a staggering 28 different models to choose from, all with unique features such as different engines, suspension, and creature comforts.  Wherever or however you ride, we guarantee you can find an ATV in the Arctic Cat lineup that will surely make you happy.  We’ll help you pick one.   Happy trails!

The Arctic Cat Recreation Lineup – 15 Models for Work or Fun

Arctic Cat has more models in their Recreation ATV lineup than many other manufacturers do in their entire fleet!  With 15 different models to choose from and a dizzying array of engine, comfort, and performance features all designed for work or play there is sure to be at least one model that fits you perfectly.  The common trait between all Arctic Cat ATVs though is they’re all designed for maximum performance and reliability. 

Arctic Cat puts a premium on performance, and that starts with the chassis.  That means fully independent suspension with adjustable shocks, and what Cat calls their Ride-In suspension with a lower profile seat, lower overall center of gravity, and excellent ground clearance.  The suspension designs lets the Cat ATVs squat and dig for traction when under power, yet float over rough spots on the trail while maintaining a smooth ride and consistent suspension

Power in Cat’s Recreation lineup ranges from their mega-horsepower, 951cc, liquid-cooled 90° V-twin engine with EFI in the 1000 XT, down to the 270cc, SOHC, 2-valve, 4-stroke engine on the 300.  Needless to say, there is an engine for everyone and a chassis to go with it.  Our favorite is the 700 Limited.  Cat also uses their Duramatic CVT transmission on every one of their recreation model ATVs.  The Duramatic transmission is a centrifugal clutch with primary and driven belt clutches and as RPMs rise, the centrifugal clutch engages, allowing the primary clutch to be engaged with the belt at all times.   All models other than the 300 also feature On-the-fly shifting from 2WD to 4WD with the simple flip of a switch.  A nice digital instrument cluster is found on every Cat, and electronic power steering is standard on some models also.

Arctic Cat wanted to make sure their ATVs were as handy on the job site as they are on the trail, and all models include a two-inch rear receiver hitch, and heavy duty steel racks.  Cat’s Speedrack accessory system lets you add other attachments quickly.  The Arctic Cat Recreation model ATV lineup is ready for any work or play.

Recreation Big Bore

1000 XT – msrp $12,099 700 LIMITED – msrp $10,799 

700 XT – msrp $10,299 700 CORE – msrp $8,999

Recreation Mid-Size

550 LIMITED – msrp $9,799 550 XT – msrp $9,299

550 CORE – msrp $7,999500 XT – msrp $7,199

500 CORE with EFI – msrp $6,399450 CORE – msrp $5,999

400 CORE – msrp $5,699 300 – msrp $4,199

2-Up Atv’s From Arctic Cat – Room for a Trail Buddy

We never understood why anyone would want to ride two-up on an ATV until we tried it.  It’s actually a lot of fun to ride with your significant other through the woods, sharing the experience,  and Arctic Cat has seven models of two-up machines that not only make it possible, but you can ride in

Arctic Cat calls their 2-up ATV lineup the TRV line.  All of the TRV models have a chassis and suspension that was specifically designed for the increased loads and comfort of hauling two people.  The passenger on all TRV models gets an elevated seat for a better view, extra room for their feet, their own hand holds, and a comfy seat with an integrated back rest.  The 3-in-1 passenger seat can also be changed out easily for a sturdy steel rack or cargo box as well.  

All of the TRV models look great, but some models also feature matching front fairing on the handlebars, a lockable rear storage compartment, and even heated hand holds for the passenger.  A rear swaybar on the Limited and XT models delivers less body roll and better handling when cornering, and electronic power steering is standard on most models.  

Arctic Cat equips the TRV models with the same engine platforms as the rest of their ATV’s, and the king of the TRV lineup is the 951cc, TRV 1000 Limited, while the smallest model is the TRV 400.  What it means is there are plenty of engine and feature choices, but whichever one you choose you can expect a smooth running, powerful motor that will have no problem getting you and your trail buddy down the trail.  You’ll both have a great time!

TRV 1000 LIMITED – msrp $13,999 TRV 700 LIMITED – msrp $11,999

TRV 700 XT – msrp $10,999TRV 550 LIMITED – msrp $11,199

TRV 550 XT – msrp $10,199 TRV 500 CORE – msrp $7,999

TRV 400 CORE – msrp $7,499

Competition Models – Championship Winners

The crew at Arctic Cat just can’t help themselves sometimes.  Anytime there is a checkered flag up for grabs they’re quick to go after it and they’ve got two models in the lineup specifically designed for competition.  The MUDPRO 1000 LIMITED and MUDPRO 700 LIMITED come with big power, big tires, and a long list of features designed to carry them through the mud and to the checkered

The most obvious feature on any monster mud machine is the huge tires and both MudPro models come with 6 ply, 28-Inch Maxxis Zilla Tires.  10 inches of wheel travel and a whopping 14 inches of ground clearance mean you can clear any obstacle on the trail, and Arctic Cat designed the tires with a center rib for a smoother ride on hard packed surface.  It takes power to turn big tires, and both MudPro models have it to spare.   

Arctic Cat gives the MudPro 1000H2 a 951cc, liquid-cooled, 90° V-twin engine with EFI while the MudPro 700 H1 gets a 695cc power plant.  Both machines also draw air for the engine and the CVT through an extended snorkel that rises well above the front nose piece, and Cat’s Duramatic CVT transmission gets the wheels spinning. 

Visually both machines look tough and ready for action, with full racks, a 3000lb winch, heavy duty bumpers, a digital/analog gauge, and automotive paint.  Power steering, aluminum wheels, and a 2-inc rear receiver hitch complete the rough and ready for anything package.  

MUDPRO 1000 LIMITED – msrp $14,399,   MUDPRO 700 LIMITED – msrp $ 11,499

Arctic Cat Sport Models – Play Time

Nearly all of us began riding ATVs for the same reason; it was fun to explore the woods, trails, and swamps and it was riding just for sport.  Arctic Cat has never forgotten their roots and today they offer a couple ATVs dedicated to play riding for new riders, or for those who still like to ride just for the fun of it.  Meet the XC 450 and DVX 300 sport

We’ve spent quite a bit of time on Arctic Cat’s XC 450.  It’s got the racy styling, Maxxis tires on polished aluminum wheels, adjustable suspension, and a peppy 445cc, 4-valve, 4-stroke EFI engine that make it a natural for play on the trails or dunes.  It also comes with a twist though; the XC 450 is equipped with on-the-fly 4WD for when the trail gets slippery, and a flick of the button next to your right thumb gets the front wheels clawing for traction.  A center mounted digital display includes a speedometer, tachometer, clock, hour meter, fuel level, odometer/trip meter, gear position, 2WD/4WD, battery condition, temperature and oil pressure.  Great looking and durable automotive paint on the bodywork completes the package.  We really like Cat’s XC 450.  Handling and power is very good, it comes with great features, and it’s a natural at trail exploration.  It’s a winner

The DVX 300 is Arctic Cats intermediate level sport machine and is powered by a liquid cooled, 270cc, SOHC, 4-stroke, 2-valve engine spinning Cat’s Duramatic transmission.  The DVX 300 is a 2WD only machine meant for the dunes or trails, with adjustable shocks and dual A-arms up front and a swingarm at the rear.  The DVX has one feature no other ATV offers however; the stylish fenders can be removed based on your preference or riding conditions.  The DVX 300 is easy to ride yet sporty enough for all-day thrills. 

XC 450 – msrp $7,199DVX 300 – msrp $4,199

Youth Models – Three Young Guns

ATVs for young riders need to be sporty, reliable, easy to operate, and safe.  Youth riders will ride from dawn to dusk in any condition, and they generally only stop for fuel, either for themselves or their machine.  The Arctic Cat youth model lineup includes three ATVs that are up for the challenge and they include a couple features not found on other junior

Arctic Cat equips their youth ATV models with reliable, air cooled, 149cc or 90cc, SOHC, 2-valve, 4-stroke engines.  Cat’s Duramatic CVT transmission takes care of any shifting duties for new riders who are still honing their skills, and the transmission has Forward, Neutral, and Reverse.  Most other youth machines do not offer a reverse gear, and it makes it easier for young riders to get themselves out of a jam.  After all, they need to learn to back up too!  All three machines feature independent front suspension and a swingarm style suspension at the rear.

Styling on Cat’s youth models is a scaled down version of their larger machines, including racks on some models for hauling junior’s sleeping bag or fishing gear.  Here is where Cat gives their youth models another feature not found on any other youth ATV.  All three Arctic Cat youth ATVs feature a safety flag and working headlights on the front and taillight at the rear.  Most youth riders won’t do much night riding, but leaving the lights on for trail safety during the day is a great idea.  Kenda tires mounted on steel wheels are used on all three models and the slightly larger Youth 150 model gets a digital instrument cluster as well.

The Arctic Cat youth models have everything to keep young riders happily circling the field year round.  The three models are:

Youth 150 – $3,599 USDYouth 90 – $2,699 USDDVX 90 – $2,699 USD

Utility Models – The Working Class

Arctic Cat offers two unique models of hard working ATVs unlike anything else.  Both the TBX 700 XT and the SUPER DUTY 700 share a common chassis which has tough, rugged looks, heavy duty racks for hauling all the gear you can stack on it, automotive paint, a two inch receiver hitch for towing, and plenty of other features but each model also has something setting it apart from any other ATV.

The TBX 700 XT has a tough, composite cargo box with a 300-lb. capacity, handy tie-down attachment points, and two side storage compartments. When it’s time to unload the dump box you can drop the tailgate, pull a latch, and tilt the box back.  The tilting dump box isn’t the only unique feature on the Cat utility models though.  The Super Duty Diesel 700 comes with a diesel engine!

While the TBX 700 XT model runs Cat’s SOHC, 4-stroke, 4-valve w/EFI engine, the Super Duty Diesel 700 features a 686cc, 2-valve inline twin diesel engine.  The advantages of the diesel engine are enormous torque for towing anything you can hook behind it, and as long as you have traction you can probably move it.  Since diesels are favored by the military and any other outfit that runs diesel fuel in their other equipment Cat made sure the Super Duty diesel engine can run six different types of fuels; DF1, DF2, DF-Arctic, JP5, JP8, and Biodiesel. 

If you’ve got a tough job and need your ATV to perform every day from sunup to sundown, the Arctic Cat utility ATVs can get the job done.  They offer plenty of hard working features to help you all day, but a little comfort and style when the day is done with features like power steering and aluminum wheels.  They’re ready for anything you are.

TBX 700 XT – msrp $10,599SUPER DUTY DIESEL 700 – msrp $10,599  class=

May 13, 2013

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