New Model Preview – Value Package

New Model Preview – Value Package is a bit of a renaissance going on with ATV development lately and rather than all R&D being concentrated at the top of the food chain, this work is squarely in the middle. We call it a “back to basics” movement and a few progressive manufacturers have been concentrating their development on mid-sized machines that are versatile, capable, and offer great features in a very value conscious package.

Can-Am has always been known as the premium manufacturer of ATVs and Side x Sides and the comparison to luxury car manufacturers like BMW is not without justification. Many riders also assumed there would be a similar premium price, and while top of the line models from any of the OEMS carries a hefty tag, most of the Can-Am models were right in line with other brands, sometimes a little more and sometimes a little less. With their 2015 ATV and Side x Side lineup though, Can-Am has clearly opened the vault of value, versatility, and price. Get ready for some of the most innovative, affordable Can-Ams ever.

Original Equipment

What was your first ATV? If you’re like most, it was a no-frills machine with limited features, but it got the job done whether that was trail riding with buddies, or working around the yard. You could haul, tow, or ride to your hearts content, and for the countless thrills and adventures, your lovable trail companion asked little in return. It’s a fair bet it didn’t cost you much either. The new “L” models from Can-Am are like a return to the best days of the past.2015.can-am.outlander-l500.close-up.rear-storage.jpg

We’re not sure what the “L” designation stands for, and on other Can-Ams it could have meant luxury, but with the “L” model ATVs you get a taste of Can-Am luxury in a basic package. The thing is, “basic” in Can-Am terms would be considered high-end in some other manufacturer’s lineups. For 2015, Can-Am is introducing the Outlander L 450 and Outlander L 500 models, along with the two-up MAX version of each machine.


It’s all about value and even though both the new Outlander L450 and Outlander L500 come at a very attractive price they are not short on features. Can-Am began by giving both machines the great riding G2 chassis. The G2 chassis is stronger, has less flex, and feels much more precise on the trail. At the front end, longer dual A-arms and Can-Am’s anti-dive technology results in consistent handling throughout the shock stroke even when the front end is under compression from braking or bumps. Rear suspension is provided by Can-Am’s TTi trailing arm suspension, which is designed to get more wheel travel with minimal geometry change. Five-way, preload adjustable shocks are found at all corners, controlling nine inches of travel up front and 8.8 inches in the rear.

Styling on both the L450L and L500 is much like any other Outlander with aggressive body lines, excellent control layout, full floorboards for your feet, and a seat comfy enough for all day rides. Rather than composite racks though, both models get old-school, tough and reliable, front and rear steel racks. Accessories are attached with Can-Ams integrated LinQ quick-attach accessory system. It’s the engines, though, that really make each machine

The Outlander L 450 model is powered by a single-cylinder, 38-horsepower, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected Rotax 450 four-stroke engine. We’re glad Can-Am decided to give the 450 EFI, and claimed output is 38hp. The Outlander L 500 model gets a 46-horsepower, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, SOHC Rotax V-Twin. Both models get the power to the ground with Can-Am’s CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) which even provides engine braking when descending steep hills. The Can-Am / Rotax engines have always provided excellent power, and we expect them to be at the top of their class. Can-Am has spent considerable effort in the past year to improve air cleaner efficiency for easier, less frequent filter cleaning, but also better dirt stopping capability. Both the new Outlander L models get new, dual compartment, high efficiency air intake systems that are mounted higher in the chassis for greatly improved air flow. When it does come time to service the air filter it can be removed with no tools. Highlights of both the Outlander L 450 and L500 are:

Outlander L 450 – 38-HP liquid-cooled, single-cylinder Rotax four-stroke engine

Outlander L 500 – 46-HP liquid-cooled, eight-valve, SOHC Rotax V-Twin engine

Features common to both the L450 and L500:2015.can-am.outlander-l500.silver.front-right.riding.on-sand.jpg

  • CVT transmission

  • Dual-plenum, no-tool airbox

  • Surrounding Spar Technology (SST) G2 Frame

  • Double A-arm front suspension, TTI rear suspension

  • Visco-Lok auto-locking front differential

  • 214mm disc brakes with twin-piston calipers

  • 12-inch steel wheels, 25-inch (66cm) tires

  • 10.5-inch ground clearance

  • Steel racks with LinQ quick-attach accessory system, 360-lb (163 kg) combined capacity

  • 1,300-pound towing capacity

  • 2.9-gal (10.9 L) water-resistant rear storage compartment

  • 5.4-gal (20.5 L) fuel tank

  • Available colors: Can-Am Red or Light Grey

  • Industry leading, 5-year extended warranty

Outlander L 450 MSRP – $6,399 Base Model2015.can-am.outlander-l500.close-up.rear-suspension.jpg

Outlander L 500 MSRP – $6,999 Base Model


Warranties in the off-road world are often short, and you can hardly blame the manufacturers. ATVs and Side x Sides operate in the harshest of conditions, often times with minimal or even no service care, and it’s about impossible to predict the lifespan of a product in this situation. We all know at least one guy who abuses his machine at every opportunity and thinks nothing of it. Would you want to warranty his stuff? Can-Am is about to do just that and it’s a huge statement about faith in their products. While most other machines get 6 months and maybe a year on warranty, Can-Am is sending the new Outlander L models with a FIVE YEAR – you read that right – 5 YEAR warranty! It’s by far the longest in the industry.


It wouldn’t be a Can-Am without option packages and the new L-Class Outlanders have an available DPS package with the following features:

  • Tri-Mode Dynamic Power Steering

  • Visco-Lok QE front differential

  • 500-W Magneto for more accessory power

  • 12-inch, cast-aluminum wheels with center-less design

  • Available colors: Can-Am Yellow, Light Grey with Can-Am Red decals or Camo

RIDE WITH A BUDDY – The MAX MODELS2015.can-am.outlander-l500max.silver.left.riding.on-dirt.jpg

Sometimes you just want to share the adventure and with Can-Am that is possible thanks to the MAX models. Both the all-new Outlander L MAX 500 and Outlander L MAX 450 are designed specifically to ride with a passenger, but they also easily transform to a one-up ATV in less than a minute. All of the MAX models are based heavily on the standard, single rider Outlanders, but with a slightly longer chassis and a supremely comfortable extra seat.

We love the rear seat on the Can-Am MAX models. It’s extremely comfortable and a set of shock absorbing hand holds is perfectly placed for passenger comfort. The passenger also gets their own foot pegs, and overall seating position is slightly higher allowing the passenger a good view of the trail ahead. When riding alone the seat can be removed and a clever, convertible rack system (CRS) takes it’s place. For extra storage, a cavernous storage box can be fastened down as well. Thankfully, both the L MAX models come at an equally attractive price, and with the five year warranty.


The most unique, and almost certainly the most capable machines in the Can-Am lineup are the all-new Outlander 1000 6×6 XT, and the Outlander 650 6×6 XT. You’re not going to win any races with them, but if you’ve got a heavy load to tow, they’re definitely ready to get to

At first glance the new 1000 6×6 XT and the 650 6×6 XT appear to be a stretched Outlander with an extra set of wheels and a rear dump box. That hardly tells the story though. The basis for each machine is the Outlander G2 chassis, but at the rear it was redesigned to accommodate two sets of Can-Ams TTi trailing arms for independent suspension that doesn’t change geometry throughout the shock stroke regardless of how rough the terrain gets. Despite its heavy load carrying capability, thanks to the extra set of wheels it has a very light footprint making it ideal for soft terrain, or for farmers, turf managers, and anybody else who doesn’t want extra ground compaction. Towing capacity is listed at 1650 pounds, and the load capacity of the rear dump box is listed at 700 pounds. The rear box has another great feature though, it’s a transformer! The rear box can be adapted to the job at hand and it can go from mini-dump truck to flat bed in seconds, and it even has additional storage under the bed made possible by the TTi suspension below. Tilt assist makes dumping the bed easy.

As with all Can-Ams, there is plenty of power with either the 650, or the 1000cc engine, and Can-Am gave both machines every feature to make it user friendly and easy to operate. They also get an extra low gear for pulling heavy loads. With six wheels on the ground, steering could be a handful, and to make it easier to steer with a full load both models get Tri-Mode Dynamic Power Steering. Other notable features of these hard working machines are:

Outlander 650 6×6 XT – 62-HP liquid-cooled, twin cylinder Rotax four-stroke with EFI

Outlander 1000 6×6 XT – 82-HP liquid-cooled, twin cylinder Rotax four-stroke with EFI


Features common to both the 650 6×6 and 1000 6×6:

  • Dual-room, no-tools air box, Relocated air intakes

  • CVT transmission with extra-low L gear

  • Larger radiator

  • Dual Torsional Trailing arm Independent (TTI2) rear suspension, Quick-release sway bar

  • Double A-arm front suspension with dive-control geometry

  • SST G2 frame

  • Tri-Mode Dynamic Power Steering

  • Visco-Lok QE auto-locking front differential

  • 214mm disc brakes with twin-piston calipers

  • 12-inch (30.5cm) machined, cast-aluminum wheels

  • 26-inch (66cm) Carlisle ACT Radial tires

  • 11-inch ground clearance, Skid plate

  • Dual-Level cargo box with modular accessories

  • Multi-function front rack with LinQ quick-attach accessory system

  • 1,650-pound towing capacity

  • 230-W headlights

  • 625-W Magneto

  • 5.4-Gal (20,5L) Fuel Tank

  • Multi-function digital gauge, D.E.S.S. (Digitally Encoded Security System)

  • 3,000-pound WARN winch

  • Heavy-duty front bumper

  • Handlebar wind deflectors

Colors available: Light Grey on 650 6×6, Can-Am Yellow and Camo on 1000 6×6

Outlander 6×6 XT MSRP: starting at $13,649


We’re excited about the introduction of the new value packed, and budget friendly L models in Can-Ams lineup, but also the heavy duty 6×6 units. They all have their place and we can’t wait to try them out.


July 21, 2014

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