New Product Test – Cover Up

New Product Test – Cover Up

vendor.2014.extreme-metal-products.accessories.on-polaris-rzr.JPGRegardless of how much dust is on your dash, how many tools are rattling away in the door pockets, or important papers sprouting from the center console of your truck, when riding in nasty weather, it doesn’t take long to appreciate the comfort of a windshield and roof.  Side x Sides can be down-right miserable in cold or wet weather.  Unlike an ATV where body movement helps to keep you warm, with a Side x Side, you simply sit there and suffer through the misery as best you can.  Rick Ott of Extreme Metal Products loves his Polaris RZR, often taking it to ride areas and rallies around the country, but he too was ready for a little more comfort on the trail in less than ideal weather.     

Inside EMP

Extreme Metal Products – or EMP – is Rick’s full service metal working facility outside Cleveland, Ohio.  They’ve got the equipment to cut, form, and fabricate just about anything from metal, and in our experience, the EMP parts have always been high-quality, highly durable, and reasonably priced.  EMP’s extensive product catalog covers just about every brand, and they specialize in protection for your vehicle.  In our case though, we needed a little protection for ourselves!  vendor.2014.extreme-metal-products.installing-roof.on-polaris-rzr.JPG

EMP offers what they call a “Cooter Brown” line of parts for UTVs.  We’re not sure who Cooter Brown is, but the part looked like just what we needed and a couple days after a call to EMP, we were ready to install them on our Polaris RZR 800.  We had our new windshield, and a new roof! Ironically, even though EMP is known for their metal working capabilities, the windshield is obviously not metal, nor is the roof.  The details of both are:

RZR “Cooter Brown” Top with LED Dom Light 

  • Made from 1/4″ thick black Polyethylene.
  • LED dome light with aluminum housing – 100 hour battery life (batteries included).
  • Rubber coated, anti-vibration mounting straps and hardware.
  • Ships via standard ground delivery.
  • Fits: 2008-14 RZR, 2009-14 RZR-S, 2011-14 RZR XP900, and 2012-14 RZR570
  • Stereo and Speaker Pod can be added at any time.
  • MSRP:  $174.99 

The polyethylene used to make the EMP Cooter Brown roof is the same used to make the bodywork on most ATVs and Sides x Sides.  The factories use it for the same reason EMP did: it’s pliable, durable, and flexible enough to resist breakage.  Our roof arrived in great condition and there’s no way you can put this on backwards.  All mounting straps were easy to install, and we like how EMP uses Nylock fasteners that won’t come loose.  Another great touch is any exposed screws get a small rubber sleeve that slips over exposed threads for safety, and when in place, the roof looks like it came from the Polaris factory.  Fit is excellent, and we like how it wraps around the vehicle tubes and even drops down on the sides for more complete coverage.  Total installation time was about 15 minutes using ordinary tools, but it does help to have your riding buddy help to get it in place.  Overall, this is one quality roof!


RZR Hard Coated “Cooter Brown” Windshield 

  • Made from 1/4″ Thick MR-10 Hard Coated Lexan (Polycarbonate).
  • Attaches with our patent pending rubber “Fast Straps.”
  • Rubber mounting straps will not rust or rattle.
  • Bottom seal protects your hood.
  • DOT-rated and stamped for street legal use.
  • Fits: 2008-14 RZR, RZR-S, RZR-4, and XP900 – NOT JAGGED X or XP1K 
  • MSRP: $204.99

The EMP Cooter Brown windshield is a good match for the roof in quality.  Rather than just use clear plastic, EMP makes their windshield from 1/4″ thick, hard coated, MR-10 Lexan.  The advantage to the hard coating is it resists scratching and meets DOT requirements for street use!  That’s a huge plus for the growing number of riders who want to make their machine street legal.  Mounting is also super easy using EMP’s unique – and patent pending – “Fast Straps.”  The straps make it possible to install or remove the windshield, even without tools, after your initial installation. (You’ll need to tighten a few screws the first time).  We also like how the straps do not cut into the painted surface of your roll bars, and since they are pliable, they do not transmit any vibration.  We installed ours even with a Seizmik light bar in place with no problem. Total time for windshield installation on our RZR was less than 30 minutes, and once again it’s helpful to have an extra set of hands to get it in place. 

Protection Plan

We’re extremely pleased with our new EMP Cooter Brown windshield and roof.  They fit great, they’re very well made, and they’re a good value.  On a wet or cold ride, they’re priceless!  Thank you for the protection, EMP!

Extreme Metal Products

Ph:  800.262.2768 or 216.267.3900

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August 4, 2014

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