New Product Test – Hard Case

New Product Test – Hard Case

vendor.2013.lifeproof-phone-case.iphone.jpgCell phones have burrowed their way into almost every type of activity these days.  They’re handy tools that can be a map, a gps system, a source of information, and even a rescue lifeline.  Thanks to countless apps, placing actual calls has almost become a secondary function, but other than a few techno-geeks who camp out overnight in front of the Apple store, most of us also feel a little too connected at times.  Nevertheless, if you’ve got a problem far from camp, you’ll happily grab your phone for help or directions.  The trouble is, off-road adventure isn’t very phone friendly.  LifeProof set out to fix that!   

LifeProof Your Smart Phone!!

Smart phones, like our iPhone, are really expensive, mini-computers that cost more than many laptops.  However, nobody stuffs a laptop into their pocket and heads out hunting, doing work around the farm, or any one of 1000 other tasks that are downright abusive to sensitive electronics.  We needed a case that offered the following:

  • Protection from shock or drops
  • Slim enough to fit in pockets
  • Fully sealed for dust, dirt, and mud
  • Water resistant or water proof
  • Buttons and features must be accessible claimed their case could handle every item on our list and was designed to protect a phone from water, dirt, snow, and shock.  That pretty much sums up our everyday life, and as quickly as the UPS man dropped off our new LifeProof case, we slipped our iPhone inside.  That was several months ago.  Since then our iPhone has been happily working along with no problems.  It’s fallen out of our pocket, been on dusty trail rides, waded through standing water, and been abused in every way imaginable on the farm and trail, sometimes in temperatures over 100 degrees.  Test passed!

LifeProof Protection

Consider the LifeProof case to be part life jacket, part helmet, and part bulletproof vest for your phone.  About the only thing it can’t do is prevent you from losing your phone, but if there was a way to prevent it, the LifeProof people would no doubt be all over that too.  Until then, the LifeProof case has been standing guard over our smart phone with no problems, and we consider it a good investment that could save you hundreds of dollars.  

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November 18, 2013

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