New Product Test – Seizmik Pursuit Mirror

New Product Test – Seizmik Pursuit Mirror

vendor.2015.seizmik.pursuit-rear-mirror.on-polaris-rzr.JPGIf there is one product that can make any Side x Side more functional, it is a quality mirror kit. Whether you drive a sporty, desert taming model, or a hard working machine on the job site or farm, it’s much more difficult to see behind you when strapped into the seat of a Side x Side than it is in your truck. This is especially true if you wear a helmet like we always do. There are plenty of mirror kits on the market, but the hands down best kit we’ve found is the PURSUIT mirror by Seizmik. We’ve tried other mirror kits, but none are nearly as nice as this.

A Quality Part

One would think there isn’t a lot of difference between mirrors. After all, if you can see behind your vehicle, that’s about all you need it to do. Pretty much all of them accomplish that. It’s the details, however, that make the Pursuit Elite mirrors great and that starts even before you open the box. Highlights of the Seizmik Pursuit Elite mirror kit include:

  • Ultra-Tough Aluminum Housing

  • Fits every model with 1.75” diameter tube. (Common to all manufacturers)

  • Cast Aluminum Body with Steel Mounting Bracket

  • Corrosion protected body and weather sealed hardware

  • Convex mirror surface with shatter resistant safety

  • Replaceable mirror with floating mirror mount

  • Infinite adjustability

  • Breakaway geometry with present position detents

  • Color matching inserts

  • Lifetime warranty

The Pursuit Elite mirror kit comes from Seizmik protected by impressive packaging, with “GUARANTEED for LIFE” proudly printed on the box. It even says, “If anything goes wrong for any reason, we replace the part.” You’re not going to get a better guarantee than that! Inside the box, the mirrors are packed so well the UPS guy could probably toss it out as he drives by and it would still arrive in perfect shape. Opening the box reveals two cast aluminum mirror frames with steel mounting brackets. The Pursuit mirror design is the first UTV kit we know of that can pivot like the mirrors on your truck – thanks to break-away joints. That means if you rub up against the brush a little too closely, the mirror will pivot inboard to prevent damage, and can then be returned to the original position thanks to a detent mechanism. It’s a great feature for a machine that spends most of its life in the woods.

Made for all models with a 1.75” diameter roll cage – which is EVERY UTV we know of thanks to ROPS requirements – the new PURSUIT side mirror kit installs easily and quickly with only a 6mm Allen wrench. Once in place it’s easy to move into position and tighten down with position tension adjustment bolts. Weathered steel hardware caps help prevent corrosion and the cast aluminum housing is protected by a tough powder coat finish as well. It will last as long as your machine easily. The mirror surface is convex shaped for expanded field of view behind, but the mirrors themselves are styled and slightly smaller than some others. We actually like this because it doesn’t distract from the trail ahead or create any blind spots in the corner of your vision. Adjustability is another great feature with this kit as well.vendor.2015.seizmik.pursuit-rear-mirror.rear.JPG

The Seizmik Pursuit Elite mirrors can be adjusted to an infinite number of positions. Seizmik wisely gave the mounting clamps a rubber insert that rides between the roll cage and the mirror. The result is it provides an excellent grip on the roll cage tube and doesn’t slip or slide down like some other mirrors we’ve seen. It also helps dampen vibration to the mirror surface, and doesn’t scratch up the paint on the mounting tube.

Excellent Design & Function

The Seizmik Pursuit Elite Series mirror definitely gets our thumbs up for the BEST mirrors we have seen when it comes to field of view, clarity, the ability to mount at any position, and for their lifetime guarantee. They’re an example of EXCELLENT design and we love ‘em!

SEIZMIK PURSUIT ELITE Series mirror – part no. 18071 msrp: $ 149.95


1412 Stewart Street, Fuquay Varina, NC 27526

Phone: 919-957-0044  

vendor.2015.seizmik.pursuit-rear-mirror.front_.JPG vendor.2015.seizmik.pursuit-rear-mirror.on-polaris-rzr.close-up.JPG

May 8, 2015

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