New Product Test – Transfer Flow Fuel Tank

New Product Test – Transfer Flow Fuel Tank If you’re planning any riding adventure, you’ll also be using a little fuel, and that often means toting fuel cans or jugs along. We’ve never really liked hauling a potential fire bomb in the back of our truck, especially when the sun is constantly causing the jugs to expand and vapors to escape. There had to be a more secure, safer way to transport fuel, and recently we found one.

FLOW on the GO

Transfer Flow has been selling their USA Made product for over 30 years beginning when General Motors engineer Bill Gaines founded the company as an OEM fuel system supplier for the motorhome and travel trailer industry. What began in 1983 in Chico, CA now has 80 plus full-time, hard working employees, with manufacturing space and warehouses covering several acres. Though its roots were in the recreation industry, Transfer Flow has now expanded into powersports as well, and it’s been a great fit. The only difference is RV owners use fuel getting to their destination; off-road riders use it when they get there. The first time we saw riders using the transfer flow system, we knew they were on to something and we needed to try one.

A quick check on the Transfer Flow tank system gave us the following info:

• Transfer Flow tanks are (DOT) approved for gas, diesel, kerosene, jet fuel and more

• Complete system includes refueling tank, 12 volt pump, 12 foot hose and nozzle, mounting hardware, fuel cap and wiring harness

• Excellent lockable storage area on top of tank

• Fuel tanks are baffled to reduce fuel

• Equipped with locking paddle handles

• Top covers fitted with gas shocks for easy opening and closing

• Matches bed rail height on most full-size pickups – fits long and short bed trucks

• Available for all major truck brands

• Pump transfer 8 gallons per minute

• Comes with 3 year/60,000 mile limited warranty

• Made in the USA!

When used as a secondary tank for your truck, Transfer Flow will greatly increase your pickup’s fuel capacity and driving range with a LEGAL Fuel Tank System. For travels in and out of state to trail ride, the extra storage allows you to buy fuel where it is cheaper, and it’s much more convenient for fueling up your machines when you get there. It’s also handy around the fields and farm, or anywhere you need fuel whether it is for an ATV, UTV, or tractor! One call to Transfer Flow and we had a tank headed our way.


The Transfer Flow tank system comes in a crate delivered to your door. You can install the tank yourself, or contact one of their 325 nationwide professionally trained installers. As most off-roaders are handy with tools, we expect most riders will have no trouble installing it themselves, just as we did.

Installation of the Transfer Flow tank is fairly easy; there is some electrical wiring involved, along with mounting the tank and installing the hosing. Put aside two hours and have at least one helper, and a short ladder is handy but not necessary. Thankfully there are great instructions that come with the kit, and Transfer Flow has instructions, parts, and manuals available on their website so before you buy, you can learn precisely what work is involved for installing the tank. Our advice is to take plenty of time, be careful in your wire routing to avoid sharp edges or pinch points, and use plenty of tape or heat shrink tubing to seal connections. Use plenty of Zip ties as well to help with your wire routing.

The Transfer Flow people make it relatively easy to install the system and the kits come preassembled as much as possible. We like how the top of each tank has a locking storage compartment, and they include a 12 volt pump located inside the locking storage area. The fuel nozzle is mounted on the outside of the toolbox, and comes with a 12 foot quality hose. The storage compartment of the 30 gallon unit has approximately five cubic feet of space, and the 40 gallon unit has about six cubic feet of storage space. The tanks are made from 14 gauge aluminized steel for superior rust resistance and strength. The shell of the 30 gallon unit is aluminum diamond plate. The 40-gallon unit is made entirely of 14-gauge aluminized steel which is powder coated black. The tanks are even baffled to reduce fuel sloshing! When installed they look GREAT in the back of the pick up!

There are some options available with the Transfer Flow system as well. If you need to haul full sheets of plywood in the back of your truck, an optional riser kit will raise the tank allowing the sheets to slide under. Tanks also come in sizes from 30 to 100 gallons, but the 30 and 40 gallon tanks are most common for off-road use. When used as a secondary fuel tank for your truck – in case you’re driving across Canada in one stop – the TRAX Fuel Monitoring System is a computer controlled, self-diagnosing fuel monitoring system that transfers fuel from your Transfer Flow auxiliary fuel tank into your main fuel tank. The LCD displays the fuel level percentages in each tank and the operational status of the fuel system.


There is no doubt the Transfer Flow fuel system is a convenient, safe method for hauling fuel. It looks great, it makes it easy, and it’s much better than the red jugs in the back only moments away from spontaneous combustion. We like it!

Transfer Flow, Inc.

1444 Fortress Street

Chico, CA 95973

Toll Free: 1-800-442-0056


Remember, you are installing a container for combustible liquid! This is NOT the time to improvise and cut corners. The Transfer Flow system is a fully engineered product and when installed as designed it meets all state and federal regulations covering the transfer of combustible fluids. DO NOT RELOCATE switches close to the fuel or vapor source, and DO NOT overfill the tank.

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September 12, 2015

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