New RM25R-WP Waterproof 2-Way Radio

New RM25R-WP Waterproof 2-Way Radio

New RM25R-WP Waterproof 2-Way Radio

Get dirty, get muddy, get wet and bring along the new RM25R-WP Waterproof 25 Watt Mobile Radio for the ride. The RM25R-WP will provide reliable communications through rain, river crossings, and all of your mud soaked adventures!

Packing 25 watts of power, the RM25R-WP can reach up to 12 miles for reliable communications. This mobile radio is dual-band meaning you can transmit on both UHF & VHF, but the frequencies don’t end there as it also has an FM radio built in to listen to your favorite station.

The RM25R-WP is easy to use even on night rides with it’s large LED display and backlit hand mic. With 40+ offroad channels already pre-programmed into the RM25R-WP, this radio is ready to transmit to other drivers. With the built-in radio jumper cable, it’s easy to connect the RM25R-WP to an intercom and talk with your passengers using headsets or helmet kits.

The small and compact RM25R-WP can be easily mounted in virtually any vehicle such as trucks, UTV’s, or open top Jeeps. Even marine applications will benefit from the waterproof RM25R-WP!

Features :

IP67 Rated: dustproof and submersible in 3’ of water for 30 minutes.

40+ Pre-programmed Offroad Channels

200 Channels Available For Programming

Dual Band UHF and VHF

FM radio listening

Powerful 25 Watt Output

Integrated 5-pin Radio Jumper Connects Directly To Intercoms

Dimensions: Only L 4.5” x W 4” x H 1.75”

RM25R-WP Includes :

Mobile Radio

Radio Mounting Brackets

Backlit Hand Mic and Hand Mic Clip

12-volt Power Cable

No matter how rough and rowdy your adventures get – the RM25R-WP is impervious to the mud, dirt and water. With the new RM25R-WP waterproof radio, you can now ride, wash and repeat!

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