New WORX Hydroshot Cordless Power Cleaner

New WORX Hydroshot Cordless Power Cleaner

June 2017


New WORX Hydroshot Cordless Power Cleaner

Pumps Fresh Water from Hose, Bucket, Pool or Lake

Charlotte, NC ─ The new WORX® Hydroshot Portable Power Cleaner is the first-of-its- kind, cordless, powered water nozzle that either connects to a garden hose or can draw fresh water from remote sources, such as a bucket, pool or lake, with its auxiliary hose. Multiple spray settings are provided to perform a wide range of power-cleaning tasks, as well as gentle watering.

Hydroshot’s combined portability and versatility sets it apart. The 20V MAX power cleaner never needs to be tethered to an electrical outlet. Because Hydroshot is pump-driven, it quickly can go to work with or without a water spigot nearby.

Compact Hydroshot weighs only 3.7 lbs, including battery, and delivers up to five times more water pressure than a standard hose and nozzle.  Its pump-driven, dual-system control has Low-Hi operating settings for power cleaning or watering.

Hydroshot has a two-speed trigger for delivering water pressures of 58 to 94 psi for watering and 200 to 320 psi for power cleaning. The eco-friendly power washer conserves water by pumping out only ½ gallon per minute.    

With spring clean-up at hand, connect Hydroshot to a garden hose to power wash patio furniture, decks and pavers. The power cleaner also is handy for washing dirt and grime from gutters, fascia, siding, window frames and garage doors.

Hydroshot’s multi-head nozzle rotates to adjust spray patterns from  0º, 15º, 25º 40º or shower.  Choose the gentle shower setting for watering flowers.  Then rotate the nozzle for higher powered rinsing of bicycles, cars, boats, ATVs or personal watercraft. Select a wider spray pattern to wash windows or screens.

Hydroshot has a short wand and includes an extension wand to improve accuracy, reach and control.  Both wands include quick-connect receivers to attach WORX and other aftermarket pressure washer accessories.

Hydroshot also earns its keep in numerous outlying locations, where other pressure washers are out of commission. Think vegetable garden that’s too far from the house for several lengths of hose to reach. Or consider the convenience of power-washing a cultivator, shovels and garden tools in the field before bringing them home for storage.

All that’s needed is a bucket, or other source, of fresh water. To rinse dirt and algae off a boat that’s moored in a slip, on a shore station or before loading onto the trailer, just drop Hydroshot’s 20-ft. siphoning hose in the lake and start spraying.  Draw water from the pool to clean pool-side lounge chairs and tables.  Power-wash bugs and grime from a camper or RV even if the campsite doesn’t have a water hook-up. Freshen up a dirt bike or off-road vehicle by a stream or pond while on the trail. 

For using water from a lake, river or pond, the siphoning hose has a sliding float to keep the weighted intake away from the bottom to avoid drawing up sand, mud or debris.           

Hydroshot is powered by a 20V MAX, 2.0 Ah battery. This battery has an LED power gauge.  By pressing the red keypad, the power gauge indicates how many bars are left before it needs recharging.  Run time in shower mode is up to 30 minutes continuously, and other run-times vary according to the selected spray pattern and speed.

Hydroshot is part of the WORX Power Share program, which enables it to use WORX 20V MAX batteries from other WORX lawn and garden or DIY tools, and vice versa. 20V WORX tools can be purchase without a battery and charger at significant savings.

Hydroshot includes one 20V MAX, 2.0 Ah battery; 5-hour charger; extension wand; multi-spray nozzle; 20-ft. syphoning hose and carrying bag. It’s covered by the WORX 3 year warranty.

The WORX Hydroshot Portable Power Cleaner (WG629, $119.99) is available at Menards, Amazon and

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