No-Toil’s new Biodegradable Chain Lube with Wax

No-Toil’s new Biodegradable Chain Lube with Wax City, CA – No-Toil Industries, the leader in advanced air filtration technology, announces its latest innovation in the motorcycle market: BIODEGRADABLE CHAIN LUBE with Wax. Although not specifically centered within the air filtration realm, chain lube is a super important maintenance product that can be improved with biodegradable and non-toxic compounds. No-Toil’s new Biodegradable Chain Lube with Wax is engineered specifically for use on all motorcycle, ATV or ORV chains – whether they be on-road, off-road, standard, o-ring or x-ring. It will keep your chain clean and lubricated under the harshest conditions. After applying, allow to dry and the lube will have little to no fling-off and keep your chain rolling smoothly.

  • Biodegradable solvent carrier helps clean chain and aids delivery of oil to micro-pores in chain

  • Biodegradable oil penetrates and adheres to metal for an efficient, long lasting lubricant

  • Biodegradable wax seals in oil and keeps dirt off of your chain

  • Biodegradable and Non-Toxic product. Will not affect your lungs, liver or immune system like petroleum products can

  • Environmental savoir faire: Will cause no harm to the environment as you liberally apply it to your chain

No-Toil Biodegradable Chain Lube with Wax is 3 products in one!

  1. CLEANS: Solvent carrier cleans your chain every time you use it. (The more you use, the cleaner it will get)

  2. LUBRICATES: Lube –a-dube your chain even down to the micro-pores. Extremely slickery.

  3. PROTECTS: When solvent carrier/cleaner evaporates a thin coating of wax remains keeping the slickery oil on the chain and the dirt out

“It’s really trick. With No-Toil products, there is no sacrificing performance for environmental responsibility” – Scott Oakes, No-Toil Director of Sales.

No-Toil Biodegradable Chain Lube with Wax is distributed in North America by: Western Power Sports, Tucker Rocky, Parts Unlimited, Parts Canada, Performance Northwest, Advantage Performance, Turn 1 Distributing, Factory Edge, N2 Parts and MX1 Distributing (Canada).

For more information or samples, please contact: Scott Oakes