OFF ROAD BODY ARMOR Launches First Brush Guard and Bumper for KYMCO UXV 450i

OFF ROAD BODY ARMOR Launches First Brush Guard and Bumper for KYMCO UXV 450i




OFFROADBODYARMORLaunches FirstBrushGuardand BumperforKYMCOUXV450i 


Marthasville,MO­ March 3,2016­­OFFROADBODYARMORwas createdtofilltheever growing demand forUTVaccessories.Thecompany decided tostartwitha frontbrush guard and rear bumper fortheKYMCOUXV450i,when theynoticedKYMCOitselfhad not manufacturedany,despitethedemand.CEOKurtDriemeyer said,”Wewantedtomake somethingthatalso looked good in additiontoprotectingtheheadlightsas well as therear carriage,which mostoffroad bumpers don’tdo effectively.”He believes theOFFROADBODY ARMORbrush guard and bumper really completesthegreatlooking styleoftheKYMCOUVX

450i.”Manycustomerstellus theguards look ‘factory’”he noteswhich he takesas a high compliment.



ThefoundersofOFFROADBODYARMORactuallyhave owned a dealership selling the KYMCObrand forover 10 years withgreatsuccess and tremendouscustomerfeedbackand plan toparlay thissuccess intothesenew accessories.Mr.Driemeyer says he would like to eventuallybe one ofthetopaccessory designer/producersforside by sides and utilityvehicles. “Beon thelookoutforOFFROADBODYARMORtoexpand toothermakes and models such as thenew ArcticCatProwler500.”



TheOFFROADBODYARMORbrush guards are manufacturedlocally.Mr.Driemeyer notes theytakegreatpride in thisand plan tocontinuetodo so even ifitmeans cuttingtheirmargins he says.



Thenew company is looking fordealers tohelp sell theirproductsnationwide.Thewebsiteis offroadbodyarmor.comor email kurt@offroadbodyarmor.comfordealer pricing.OFFROAD BODYARMORbrush guards and bumpers are also listedon Sidebysidesports.comand EBAY.

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