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During the week of July 17th through 21st  2017 OTR Wheel Engineering / OTR Wheel Engineering Racing product support team hosted their 2017 tire sponsored UTV race team TruettRacing for a meet and greet with all operations at OTR Wheel Engineering headquarters in Rome Ga.


The Truett Racing Team showed up with their 2- Polaris XP1000  and 1- Polaris ACE XC that they race in the GNCC Series events and also in the Mideast Hare Scramble events these race vehicles are using OTR Wheel Engineering tires in the HP-009 tire tread and the Wizzard  tire tread in sizes of 26x9-14 & 27x9-14  6ply in special rubber compound for durability and traction, in bias & radial ply, these tires are the same offered to the general public through their local tire dealers or Power Sports dealers.

During this week the Truett Racing team of Collin, Mitch, Stephanie, & Alex Truett and Fiancee of Alex Ms. Emily Sikes. they toured the facilities of manufacturing and warehousing at OTR Wheel Engineering to see wheels and tires built for Industrial, Construction, Mining, Lawn & Garden, Power Sports, and the services offered to different segments of off highway tires and wheels. The Truett Racing Team also visited Green Carbon, this is a built proven and in use system that OTR Wheel Engineering developed to reduce greenhouse gases and landfill issues of used tires, to do this the tire is basically recycled to the core build ingredients and all materials are recycled for reuse.

On Thursday and Friday at the OTR Wheel Engineering proving grounds/testing track the Truett Racing Team  gave OTR Wheel Engineering board of directors, engineering staff as well as the I.T. department a true to race speed ride in their Polaris XP1000 full race vehicles. Other activities included long range gun target area with multiple hand guns and specialty rifles, a clay target range was also in place with 4 stations, swimming pool, and excellent fishing.

We at OTR Wheel Engineering are very appreciative to have the Truett Racing Family using our tires in competition and to take a week to come and do a live in car presentation. This enables OTR Wheel Engineering to design and build tires needed in the ATV/UTV market. We gained a lot of thought and knowledge for needs and what is working now in the race segment of ATV/UTV tires being used per race track and terrain conditions.


Truett Racing at the OTR Farm