PIAA | RF Series LEDs at the MINT 400

PIAA | RF Series LEDs at the MINT 400

vendor.2015.piaa.rf-series-led-lights.on-buggy.jpgWe have spent countless hours testing and designing a technically advanced LED Light Bar and it’s going to shine bright at the 2015 Mint 400 on March 14th.

When PIAA set out to create LED lights, we wanted to bring something different to the market. We wanted to stay true the the low power draw characteristics of LED and provide the output of HID, all while achieving SAE compliance for street legality.

This is how Reflector Facing Technology (RFT) was conceived. Aiming the light source toward the reflector allows us to maximize the output from each LED and gives us the ability to shape usable beam patterns that put the light where you need it most. In addition, RFT keeps the low amperage draw benefits of LEDs because the reflector allows us to use far less LED chips than forward facing LED lights.

Your customers can truly take the RF Series lights from the Race to the Road and not worry because they are Street Legal.

This year PIAA sponsored off-road team Vest Racing will be running the RF Series LED light bars and RF3 LED Cube lights to make a run for the overall win at the Mint 400. For more information contact PIAA Corp. USA at 503-489-6666 and visit www.piaa.com