Polaris/Coastal/CST/Yokley Racing Team Scores First XC2 Pro Sport Win of 2015 at The Big Buck GNCC

Polaris/Coastal/CST/Yokley Racing Team Scores First XC2 Pro Sport Win of 2015 at The Big Buck GNCC

2015.polaris.racer.john-henry.racing.rzr.at-gncc.jpgUNION, S.C. (April 14, 2015) – Round two of the six-race Side-by-Side Championship took place on Saturday in Union, South Carolina, where the Polaris/Coastal/CST/Yokley Racing team saw its first victory of the season in the XC2 Pro Sport class. Team Driver John Henry put his Polaris RZR S 900 into the center of the podium at the Big Buck GNCC, while XC1 Pro Team Drivers Scott Kiger and William Yokley experienced a challenging day of racing at the second round.


With mild temperatures and plenty of sunshine, the Big Buck GNCC saw the most favorable race conditions of the season. In the XC2 Pro Sport division, John Henry and his son/passenger grabbed the holeshot from Row 10 aboard the Polaris RZR S 900, checking in with second place on the opening lap. At the halfway point, Henry had pushed his way into the lead where he maintained that position through the checkered flag.


“We had a great car, I can’t thank Coastal and Polaris enough for providing us with that opportunity,” Henry said. “We shot out of the hole way ahead of everyone but we knew we were going to have to work. Passing opportunities were extremely difficult, so to pull off what we did out there was pretty special.”


After two rounds, John Henry sits in the sixth place position in the XC2 Pro Sport championship standings.


Following a tough opening round for the team, drivers Scott Kiger and William Yokley were eager to go as the green flag dropped in South Carolina. Kiger and his passenger Tyler King shot out to grab the fifth-row holeshot aboard his Polaris RZR XP 1000, with William Yokley and his wife/passenger Tina powering their Polaris RZR S 900 close behind in second.


Kiger and Yokley led the pack into the woods on the opening lap and that’s when things began to go downhill for Yokley. The Big Buck course, known for its rough and tumble terrain, caused an unfortunate mechanical issue that kept the Yokley duo sidelined for the rest of the race.


“It’s been a challenging start to the season but I can’t say enough about this car and all the great products and sponsors we’ve got behind us,” Yokley said. “There’s no doubt that we have the best machine out there and we’re looking forward to putting some points on the board next round.”

About two laps into the four-lap race, Kiger experienced some issues causing him to lose a substantial amount of time and positions. Kiger ultimately salvaged a 20th place position to earn one point toward the championship chase.


The GNCC Side-by-Side Championship returns to action Saturday, May 23 in Masontown, West Virginia with the Mountaineer Run GNCC. For more information on the team, please visit www.yokleyracing.com.


To watch RacerTV’s live online coverage of Side-by-Side racing in South Carolina, visit www.racertv.com/category/gncc-utv-live.


William Yokley’s Team Sponsors: Polaris Industries, Coastal Racing, CST, Racer Tech, Elka Suspension, OMF, Beard Seats, Tireballs, Mona Vie and Yokley Racing.


Scott Kiger’s Team Sponsors: Polaris Industries, Coastal Racing, CST, Racer Tech, OMF, Walker Evans, Tireballs and Yokley Racing.


John Henry’s Team Sponsors: Polaris Industries, Coastal Racing, CST, Racer Tech, OMF, Walker Evans, Tireballs, SSI Decals and Yokley Racing.

Big Buck GNCC
Union, South Carolina
Round 2 of 6
Saturday, April 11

XC1 Pro Results:

  1. Kyle Chaney (CAN)
  2. Treavis Poynter (CAN)
  3. Larry Hendershot (CAN)
  4. Hans Ada (POL)
  5. Mouse Pratt (CAN)
  6. Steven Matko (POL)
  7. Bill Patterson (POL)
  8. John Kletz (CAN)
  9. Devon Steedley (POL)
  10. Jason Smith (POL)

XC2 Pro Sport Results:

  1. John Henry (POL)
  2. Sean Bogdan (POL)
  3. David Plavi (CAN)
  4. Joe Krcelich (CAN)
  5. Seth Mitchell (CAN)
  6. Chris Brockway (POL)
  7. Bryan Rigg (POL)
  8. Jamie Held (POL)
  9. Mike Jenkins (POL)
  10. Mike Penland (CAN)

XC1 Modified Point Standings:


  1. Treavis Poynter (55)
  2. Kyle Chaney (42)
  3. Steven Matko (36)
  4. Larry Hendershot (35)
  5. John Kletz (28)
  6. John Yokley (25)
  7. Mouse Pratt (21)
  8. Zac Zakowski (20)
  9. Marcus Pratt (18)
  10. Hans Ada (18)

XC2 Pro Sport Point Standings:


  1. Joe Krcelich (37)
  2. David Plavi (33)
  3. Mike Jenkins (28)
  4. Michael Swift (28)
  5. Sean Bogdan (28)
  6. John Henry (25)
  7. Seth Mitchell (24)
  8. Doug Gust (23)
  9. Chris Brockway (22)
  10. Jonathan Powers (21)
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