Product Review – Big Boy II Ramps

Product Review – Big Boy II Ramps you ride an ATV, a sporty Side x Side, or a hard working UTV, if you’re going to haul it, you’re also going to need ramps.  Most ATV ramps easily handle the weight of the ATV and rider, but are dangerously overloaded with a Side x Side that is often more than double the quad’s weight.  Crashing to the ground as an undersized ramp collapses, and in the process screwing up your machine, your truck, and possibly you, is not the way to start a great weekend of riding.  Recently we tried a set of ramps from DISCOUNT RAMPS specifically designed for the heavy loads of a UTV and we’ve never felt safer when loading.  

Big Boy Ramps for Big Boy Toys

The Big Boy II ramps from Discount Ramps are folding ramps available in several different lengths.  Depending on the height of your trailer or truck, you may need a longer ramp for safe loading with minimal angle change between the ramp tread and truck bed.  However, a shorter ramp is able to handle a larger weight load thanks to the shorter span, so we recommend not going longer than needed.  To help prevent bottoming when entering the truck or trailer bed, the Big Boy II ramps already have 12° break-over angle between folding ramp sections.

Constructed of extruded aluminum for strength, resistance to corrosion, and light weight, the Big Boy II ramps are available in widths from 8 to 19 inches.  We went with a pair of the 19” wide models for the extra strength and safety.  One unique feature of the Big Boy II ramps is they can be coupled together with a pair of included clamps.  This increases their versatility for loading narrower vehicles such as a motorcycle.  Discount Ramps also builds extra features into the ramps such as a tapered foot plate so it’s easy to drive up onto the ramp, an extruded top lip that fits nicely onto your truck for safety, and two heavy duty straps that keep the ramps tightly against your truck or trailer when loading.  Each ramp features extruded aluminum tube main beams with serrated edge cross members for your tires to get a solid grip even when they’re wet, slippery, or covered with mud.  All of the Big Boy ramps are skillfully crafted here in the U.S and come with a five year warranty.    

Lock & Load

We like these ramps!  Our impression is that they are well built and highly durable, offering far more load carrying ability and safety than a typical, narrow ATV ramp, especially when it comes time to load a much heavier UTV.  With a solid, well-built ramp under us, we no longer get that “push the throttle and pray” feeling as we drive a heavy machine like our John Deere Gator 850i or a Polaris Ranger 900 up onto a trailer.  About the only drawback to the Big Boy II ramps is they are a little heaver – almost 36 pounds – but the extra strength and safety is worth it.

If you’ve got any type of machine to load, whether it’s a heavy garden tractor, a high performance Arctic Cat Wildcat Side x Side, or just a couple ATVs, Discount Ramps has a ramp to get the job done.  We’re very happy with our Big Boy II ramps, and they make what is often the most perilous part of the ride much safer.

Big Boy II Ramps  –  The Bottom Line

Did it arrive in good shape?YES

Good instructions on how to install or use?BASIC INSTRUCTIONS & WARNINGS

Any special tools required for installation?NONE

How well does it work? EXCELLENT


Does it seem like a quality product? YES

Does it offer good value for the money? YES


MSRP beginning at $419.  Several other ramps available as well

Discount Ramps 

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September 22, 2013

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