Product Review – Easy Rider

Product Review – Easy Rider

vendor.2017.bear-track.trailer.hauling-utv.on-road.jpg It goes without saying that it’s good for all of us and a great feeling to buy products made in the ‘ole USA. Buying from home means we are helping skilled workers put meals on the tables of American families just like ours. Of course the bottom line when making a purchase is always quality and price, and recently we’ve been using a trailer that provides both.


We spend a huge part of our time on the road pulling a trailer. Practically every weekend we’re heading to an event, and sometimes they can be 12 hours away. Between weekends we’re often hauling a machine someplace or using the trailer around the yard or farm. Our previous trailer was your ordinary, run of the mill wooden deck over a steel frame. Since we’ve been dragging it around for many years it had long ago seen its better days. The wood deck was definitely showing signs of wear and the frame underneath had become rusted thanks to the constant attack of road grit and the states generous use of salt on winter roads. It was time to look for something better. vendor.2017.bear-track.trailer.two-atvs.jpg

Voyager Industries manufactures a line of American made, all aluminum trailers out of their plant in Brandon, Minnesota and they call them Bear Track Utility Trailers. Aluminum offers the huge advantages of being lighter, it won’t rust, and with an aluminum deck there is no worry about the wood deteriorating. The only parts that aren’t aluminum are the axles and possibly the wheels depending on which wheel you choose. We were also happy to hear they carry a five year warranty. Highlights of the Bear Track utility and ATV trailers are:

  • All Aluminum Construction welded by TouchPoint Weld System

  • Extruded deep side rail and curled front rail for added rigidity and infinite tie down points

  • 5/8 in. corner rod tie down points welded into corners

  • SmartDrain system. Allows the trailer to drain completely for protection in northern climates where trapped water can freeze and warp tubes.

  • WireGuard enclosed and jacketed wiring harness

  • Rubber torsion axle with easy access grease fittings

  • QuietRide noise reduction system

  • Bear Track premium fit and finish


When the Bear Track trailer was delivered we were immediately impressed. The trailer was a thing of beauty compared to what we had been previously using and it instantly spoiled us. The mechanics of the tilt design work as smooth as spreading butter, and like happy kids on a playground we took turns hopping in and out of it, testing the tilt mechanism as if it were an aluminum see-saw on wheels. Ordinary utility trailers would never be the same in our eyes. vendor.2017.bear-track.trailer.double-hitch-beam.jpg

One easily notices that each point of contact on the trailer is welded with care. We’ve laid down miles of weld bead through the years ourselves on various metals and the weld beads on the Bear Track trailer look excellent. The welds appear to have good penetration with no contamination. This was especially noticeable where the deck meets the cross members, adding strength and rigidity to the trailer. It is very evident that craftsmanship and excellent design go into Voyager products. All Bear Track trailers come standard with a wishbone tongue design which adds extra strength to the tongue and trailer frame. And Bear Track’s fully jacketed WireGuard system ensures your wiring is protected from the elements and is something you never need to worry about. The harness is corrosion resistant and virtually maintenance free.

Our trailer came with the Bear Track gate system which uses a specially coated hinge pivot bolt to create a smooth and reliable hinge. This makes for a secure, lockable closure and reduces noise, and eliminates binding and seizing, all while being easy to raise and lower. Should things go bad and the gate would become bent the bolt-on design allows for easy parts replacement.


We couldn’t wait to hook the new Bear Track trailer behind our F150 and hit the open road. It was a breeze loading our Polaris RZR 900 XP on the new aluminum deck and it was then that we really began to appreciate the thought that went into the design. The sides quickly come off on our model for complete access, but the welded on corner tie down points are priceless. There is no worrying about your tie-down slipping and we love em’!! vendor.2017.bear-track.trailer.wielded-tie-down-loops.jpg

On the road the light weight of the Bear Track utility trailer makes it very maneuverable. We travel a lot of different terrain from open interstate to tight two tracks and it tows excellent. The design also reduces frame flex on rough roads and cross winds didn’t really seem to bother it. Sometimes we even forgot it was there. It is also unusually quiet. Some trailers with removable sides or end gates tend to rattle. That’s not the case with the Bear Track trailer. Finally, high visibility LED markers and brake lights were the perfect safety feature.


We’ve been extremely impressed with the Bear Track utility and ATV trailers. They’ve hauled our ATVs and Side x Sides, firewood, lumber, and even a compact tractor with no problems. They’ve been excellent and they promise to be for years to come. .

Bear Track manufacturers a complete line of Utility, ATV / UTV, motorcycle, snowmobile, and car hauler trailers as well as ramps, replacement parts and accessories all made in the USA.


Brandon, MN 56315




February 3, 2017

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