Product Test – Great Day Mighty-Lite ATV Racks

Product Test – Great Day Mighty-Lite ATV Racks

vendor.2016.great-day.mighty-lite-atv-rack.on-atv.jpg Practically every ATV comes with some storage and a rack system. It’s an incredibly useful tool! Not all racks are created equal though and the manufacturers have to balance fender protection with load handling capability needed by the average user. Like most riders we use our ATVs for everything from hauling rocks to hunting season and a better rack system would surely help.


GREAT DAY is a family owned company built on providing quality products that people need. Much of their product line is designed for off-road use and recreation with everything from gun and bow racks to loading ramps. They’ve even got products to help you bring your pet along, and even a carrier for Grandpa’s Little Rascal mobility chair! One feature practically all of the Great Day products share in common though is they are built from Aluminum. Great Day has mastered the art of aluminum extrusion and this allows them to create unique shapes and profiles that add strength and durability to a part without adding excessive additional weight.

We recently tried two ATV accessory parts from Great Day and we’ve been impressed.


We love our Honda Foreman Rubicon 4×4. It’s not the fastest, most powerful or the most nimble handling machine ever, but as a package it works extremely well for prowling around the North woods, or for farm work. It’s our everyday, do-it-all machine! The Rubicon’s steel racks provide a nice, solid platform like most ATV racks, but everything must be strapped down. With any stock ATV, that limits load carrying capability. The Mighty-Lite Rack System can fix that! vendor.2016.great-day.deep-rear-atv-rack.on-atv.jpg

Great Day did most of the work for you with the Mighty-Lite rack system. All the cross members and end pieces are already welded in. All you need to do is fasten it down in four locations with the included steel straps and hardware and you’re done! The rear rack system is much the same, but for shipping it must come in two pieces, with the larger, rear section bolted to the front. This means you need to install a couple bolts, but by any standard these are about the simplest to install accessories you’ll ever find. Just like with the front, the rear rack system is bolted around the stock Honda rack in four locations. Total time to install both ends was about 15 minutes using a socket and box end wrench. One trick we often use when bolting steel to steel is to slip a thin rubber strip between parts to limit any vibration or scratches. A split hose works well around tubing. With our new Mighty-Lite Rack System in place we went looking for stuff to haul.

It’s practically a daily adventure using the new Mighty-Lite Racks. There is ALWAYS something that needs hauled, whether it is loose stuff like sugar beets for a deer bait pile, to firewood, and even large rocks out of the field. It’s amazing how many times we’ve come up with a use for these racks and they’ve never let us down. With all the stuff we’ve piled in them the tough, wrinkle finish powdercoat has held up extremely well, with the only nick being from a couple huge, sharp rocks we’ve piled into the rear end. We’re pretty sure that exceeded the design intent. Firewood doesn’t hurt them, and we’ve stacked some amazing piles on the racks that might even make Honda wince. Never once did our Rubicon complain however. Just like the Honda, the Mighty-Lite racks are a do-it-all tool, but we also use our machine for trail riding.

On the trails the Mighty-Lite Racks easily haul a cooler or extra gear and they don’t get in the way. Not once have we hit our behind on the rear racks when shifting body position. The front racks present a slightly higher profile (36 long x16 wide x 7”tall) but they don’t limit vision. Whether trail riding or working though, a heavy load will change your ATV handling and it’s not the time to race with your buddies. With the racks unloaded there is little handling change since they are made from aluminum. If you’re going to be hauling a heavy load most of the time it would be a good idea to increase the shock preload (make it stiffer) a couple clicks.


The Great Day Mighty-Lite ATV racks have been a great product in every way! They work, they hold up, and they’re always ready for more. Best of all, they even come with a 5-year warranty and are made with pride right in the U.S.A!






July 10, 2016

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