Product Test – Light Rider

Product Test – Light Rider is a really great accessory! We were excited about installing Seizmik’s light bar on our Polaris RZR 570, but when the kit arrived and we could see the quality of components and the thought that went into this kit, we couldn’t wait to get it installed and try it later that night. It only got better!

Night Rider

We’ve always loved night riding. Even on trails we’ve known all our lives, the darkness and deep shadows completely change things and it’s like exploring an all-new area. As much as we appreciate the last second thrills, however, we’ve always been the type that likes to see anything headed our way long before it meets the front bumper, and nothing helps light up the trail better than a good set of lights.

Polaris equips their RZR sport machines with dual, 60 watt halogen lights right from the factory and, to be fair, they’re not bad in most situations. Then again, after trying the Seizmik lights, we began to wonder what we’d been missing. The Seizmik light bar kit comes with dual, 540 lumen, LED flood lights, and dual, 1080 lumen, LED spot lights for a total of 3240 lumens from their kit alone! The great thing about LED lights is that you get a tremendous amount of candle power from them with minimal draw on the vehicle’s electrical system and we didn’t have to upgrade the battery, stator, or anything else on the engine.vendor.2014.seizmik.led-lights.mounting.on-roll-cage.jpeg

Tool Time

We like the quality of the components in the Seizmik light bar kit. Most of the kit is made of steel, although some of the brackets are stainless steel for corrosion protection. The components are sturdy enough to get the job done, and there were no burrs or sharp edges to catch or fray wiring. All of the steel parts were powder coated for corrosion protection as well. One great thing Seizmik did that definitely makes the job easier is to weld the nut in place wherever possible. It may seem like a small thing, but it’s so much easier to simply thread the bolt in and tighten it up without trying to hold a wrench on the nut at the same time. Excellent job guys! All kit hardware and fasteners were common metric sizes, and we like to use a 3/8 inch cordless driver when working on anything these days but sockets will work perfectly also.

Seizmik has made a great effort to provide not only a quality kit, but also a great set of instructions on how to install it. The instructions covered each step of the process, and the pictures definitely made the job easier. Wiring layout was clearly explained, and thankfully they coordinated the light bar wiring harness connectors and colors. Unless you’re color blind, you’ll have a hard time screwing this part up. One thing you will have to find on your own is a location on the dash for the switch, but most Side x Sides have a dedicated area on the dash for accessory switches, and even knockouts to make the job easier. Pick a spot that’s handy for the driver to access, but won’t be bumped accidentally. You’ll also need to connect part of the wiring harness to the battery, and there is even an in-line fuse for extra protection. Wiring the lights is super easy, thanks to the Seizmik instructions, and you’ll want to use plenty of zip ties to keep the job nice and neat. Be sure to keep all wiring away from any hot or moving parts.vendor.2014.seizmik.led-lights.wiring.jpeg

Installing the light bar on the roll cage is trouble-free and it’s extremely adjustable. We like how it is far enough ahead of the roll cage upper tubes that you don’t get a lot of secondary reflection back in your eyes. The lights can be adjusted to shine in any direction, but Seizmik recommends the center two spotlights be pointed straight ahead, while the two lights at either end point slightly to the side for better illumination along the edge of the trail. Another nice touch Seizmik included with this kit is the markings on the pivot bracket. With a quick check of the marks on either side bracket, you can be sure you’ve got everything aligned evenly. We even used a level during installation to double check our work. With everything installed, adjusted, and zip ties keeping our job professional looking, all we needed was darkness to come.

Night into Day

Holy Wow are these lights bright! There’s nothing stealthy about these bad boys coming down the trail, it looks like either an oncoming train, or a full blown alien invasion and visit from ET! Thanks to the Seizmik light bar kit, forward vision is greatly improved, but it’s nice to have extra light to the side as well. For increased vision though, you’re not going to believe how bright these lights are and how they light up the woods. It definitely adds a new level of safety for night riding, but it also looks cool! It’s awesome!vendor.2014.seizmik.led-lights.kit.jpeg

Seizmik did a fantastic job with this kit. It’s well thought out, built from quality components, and easy to install with an excellent set of instructions. It’s even designed to work with accessory windshields. You’ll love it!


  • Have a buddy help. You’ll need an extra set of hands to hold up the light bar during installation and adjustment.

  • We recommend sealing all connections with silicone, including the back of switches.

  • Don’t forget to turn your new lights off for oncoming drivers. You don’t want to blind them!

phone: Toll Free: 1 (866) 838-3366 Local Phone: (919) 957-0044


For 1-3/4 inch roll bars:

  • Polaris RZR (all models except 170)
  • Polaris Ranger (all models except Ranger XP 900)
  • John Deere Gator XUV and RSX
  • Kawasaki Mule 3000 and 600
  • Yamaha Rhino

For 2 inch roll bars:

  • Can-Am Commander and Maverick
  • Kawasaki Mule 4000
  • Kubota RTV 900 and 1140
  • Yamaha Viking 700
vendor.2014.seizmik.led-lights.mouting-bracket-adjustment-marks.jpeg vendor.2014.seizmik.led-lights.mounted.on-roll-cage.jpeg
vendor.2014.seizmik.led-lights.instructions.jpeg vendor.2014.seizmik.led-lights.on-polaris-rzr.parked.on-grass.jpeg

May 20, 2014

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