Product Test – Scorpion Coating Bed Liner

Product Test – Scorpion Coating Bed Liner


Our truck is a multi-purpose tool. It’s our daily driver, what we haul a trailer loaded with ATVs or Side x Sides with, a weekend freedom machine, and a work tool. The problem is, with all the varied use it sees it also gets a fair share of abuse and where that shows up first in a pickup is in the cargo bed. Fence posts, loading ramps, firewood, and practically everything big enough to be tossed in the back also have the effect of leaving their mark on your tireless pickup. Your best work buddy needs a little protection!


The founders of Scorpion Coatings were tired of seeing battle scars on their own truck beds and they set out to develop a product to prevent it from happening. Drop in bed liners were common at the time, but they don’t provide full protection, and they sometimes make problems worse by rubbing paint off thanks to the jostling and bumps from the road, leaving parts exposed. And Indiana winters can be cruel to exposed metal. By 1996 formulas were being tested for a tough, thick, protective coating that could be applied almost like paint, but would stand up to abuse in the truck bed. Two years into the process they had the formula. It was 100% reliable, cost effective, and even allowed for variations such as color or texture. vendor.2017.als-liner.scorpion-coating-truck-bed-liner.kit_.jpg

Today the benefits of the Scorpion Coatings Bed Liners are many such as:

  • Extremely Durable and Tough – It will outlast your truck.

  • No-Skid surface. It won’t slide when you’re loading your ATV up ramps

  • UV protected so they won’t fade, and you can even pick the color!

  • Texture can be made super aggressive or smooth depending on the look you prefer

  • Anti-Static for much less worry about filling or hauling fuel jugs.

  • Comes with a lifetime warranty.

Technically speaking, the Scorpion Coatings bed liner formula is a blend of acrylic-reinforced, aliphatic, aromatic polyurethane that provides incredible strength, ease of application and UV stability. It just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it? Whatever a chemist might call it, we were anxious to get our truck in for some added armor.


While the Scorpion Coatings protective kit was originally designed as a product to be installed at a professional shop, they realized a significant number of customers wanted to do the installation themselves. This lead them to brand and market the Scorpion bed liner product under the AL’s Liner name. vendor.2017.als-liner.scorpion-coating-truck-bed-liner.mixing.jpg

There are plenty of places in every state that will be happy to install the AL’s / Scorpion liner for you, but like most off-roaders, we’re definitely do-it-yourselfers. Scorpion has put together kits of everything you will need to make the job easy, but very professional looking when you are done.

Our Scorpion Bed lining kit was one of the basic kits offered. We weren’t looking for any special colors or ultra-smooth surface. We just needed daily protection! Just as described, the kit arrived with everything we needed including a very good set of instructions. Usually we skip through instructions if we open them at all, but in this case we were going to be applying a permanent, chemical coating to our beloved pickup, and there would be no second chances. This had to be right! Scorpion Coating’s website offers a training module and video section with a variety of videos. We recommend watching a few before purchasing the kit and watching them again before attempting the project. There are many useful tips and tricks that Scorpion shares to be certain your project comes out with that professional look and quality finish.

Prep time and set up are most important part of the project. We highly recommend following every bit of instruction in the manual. That includes sanding, taping and being careful to cover glass with tape. Fine details are important with this job, and mix chemicals thoroughly to be certain they are fully blended. You’ll want the surfaces clean and dry, and you’ll need adequate ventilation in your work area. You’ll also want excellent protection for yourself and it’s important to wear masks as there are fumes, and full coverage work clothes because of the painting / application work.


Since the Scorpion / Al’s DIY Liner Kit allows you to mix as much as you need your projects don’t have to be limited to just the bed liner. The kit will work the same way whether it’s on the deck of your landscape trailer, the floor of your aluminum fishing boat, your utility wagon, or on practically anything or tool that needs extra protection.  vendor.2017.als-liner.scorpion-coating-truck-bed-liner.installed.red_.jpg

All of the kits are tintable, allowing you to match color or come up with something creative by adding automotive pigments for the best color match. If you want that classic truck bed liner finish, check out Al’s Liner’s Air Texture Guns, a versatile tool that will deliver a professional coating every time. Or, if you’re after a different look, grab a brush, roll, trowel or any other applicator for a customized finish!

Starter packages for one truck bed include a 2 Gallon XO2 Kit, XO2, Color, Adhesion Promoter, Mix Paddle, Professional Series Spray Gun, and 4″ Cup Brush. All products can be purchased from the Scorpion website.


The trick to any quality paint job is the prep. Do a good job with that and your finished work will show it. It’s also important to watch pressure as you spray, making sure it is consistent, and probably higher than you would normally spray for a thinner liquid. One great thing about the Al’s Lining is you can build up areas that are more likely to get the most abuse like on your tailgate and bed deck, while the walls of the box can be a little thinner since they see less contact.


We’re thoroughly impressed with the AL’s Liner / Scorpion Coatings kit. It’s tough as nails, thick, it looks great, and it fully protects our truck. About the only way to get rid of the new coating is to sell your truck or burn it. And with the AL’s / Scorpion kit when it does come time to sell, (or settle with your insurance agent) it’ll be worth more!

Scorpion Protective Coatings, Inc. / AL’s Liner

6184 S US Highway 231, Cloverdale, Indiana

800-483-9087 or 800-999-6841


July 26, 2017

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