Purple Goo – Tire Sealant from Stop & Go

Purple Goo – Tire Sealant from Stop & Go

vendor.2013.purple-goo.tire-sealant.JPGSmall Punctures and bead leaks are a thing of the past.  When a puncture occurs, microscopic, nontoxic polymer strands suspended in a liquid solution race to the air leak, adhering to the sides of the opening and build a long lasting solid plug, impervious to water, mud and snow. However, Purple Goo stays in a liquid form and is distributed evenly over the entire inside surface of the tread.

Purple Goo lubricates to help prevent the rusting of the rims. All too often, tire damage in the rim welds itself to the tire due to rust and heat.  With Purple Goo, this is virtually eliminated, which makes tire removal quick and easy.  It contains no harsh chemicals and is environmentally safe.  It is designed for use in tires found on equipment used in mines, quarries, construction, recreational, trailers, ATV, UTV, Golf cars, lawn, and all types of off-road applications.  It is especially effective in tube-type dirt bike tires.