QuadBoss Releases New Wheels/Tires

QuadBoss Releases New Wheels/Tires


Fort Worth, TX (4/30/15) – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

QuadBoss Tires Let You Own the Trail


The QBT447 is the answer to loose to intermediate terrain. The ¾” deep wraparound lugs put down responsive cornering while protecting the sidewall. The unique directional tread pattern delivers a smooth ride on hard pack surfaces, and sheds mud when things get messy. Built with 6-ply durability and load rated for all ATVs and UTVs

                                                                                                                        Retail –  $99.99 – 149.99 


Don’t be a stick in the mud. Let the QBT671 pull you through the tough spots. Large slotted lugs make for a lighter tire with a big bite, while the scaled pattern beneath the lugs bring additional traction and superior cleanout. Aggressive wraparound lugs deliver cornering traction, and sidewall protection. The sidewall rim guard keeps your wheels looking good. Tough 6-ply construction is load rated for all ATVs and UTVs 

24” and 25” tires feature ¾” tread depth 

26” and 27” tires feature 7/8” tread depth

                                                                                                                        Retail – $79.99 – 159.99


When performance comes first the lightweight 4-ply bias construction of the QB7 series will make the most of your motor. This dynamic tread pattern brings acceleration and braking traction from soft to hard pack conditions. From the track to the woods our different tread patterns will have you “hooking up” like a champ.

                                                                                                                        Retail – $39.99 – 89.99

Radial  (available in May) 

Smooth like butter. Tough like iron. Replace your tires with the smooth ride and unmatched durability of a radial tire. The 8-ply radial carcass resists punctures and outlasts traditional bias tires. The built in rim guard will keep your wheels looking good when the rocks find themselves in your path. Make your ride more comfortable with the QBT446. The non-directional ¾” deep tread design will tackle the most challenging terrain.

 QuadBoss Wheels

                                                                                                                        Retail – $134.99 – 199.99 

Tire Sealant 

Put QuadBoss Tire Sealant in your tires before sharp objects get the best of you and avoid delays in your ride. Carry some sealant with you and solve a puncture. Avoid ruining your ride by changing tires or stranding in the woods.

                                                                                                                        Starting at $9.99 

QuadBoss Wheels Will Keep You Rolling Strong

First you get the wheels. Then you get the style. Then you get respect. 

QuadBoss Beauty Beast Tire

Experience the strength, and style of QuadBoss wheels. Lightweight aluminum alloys will free up the horsepower that your heavy steel wheels are holding hostage. The aircraft-quality material can take all the abuse that the trail can dish out, and QuadBoss backs them with a lifetime warranty. Your new look will show your fellow riders just how serious you are. It’s like getting a new quad, but it doesn’t look like everyone else on the trail. Choose from the Coercion, the Cohort, and the Governor, available in the distinct machined aluminum contrast or a sinister matte black finish. Which style are you?

QuadBoss® is a leading brand of quality ATV/UTV parts and accessories. Founded in 2001, QuadBoss has grown to provide a large offering of accessories to make the most of your off-road experience, as well as a variety of replacement parts to keep your quad in top shape. For more information, contact QuadBoss at 877-847-1558 or online at www.quadboss.com. You can also follow QuadBoss on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. QuadBoss is distributed exclusively by Tucker Rocky Distributing.

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