QuadBoss Side View and Rearview Mirrors

QuadBoss Side View and Rearview Mirrors

Fort Worth, TX

Maximize the view around your vehicle with new side view and rearview mirrors from QuadBoss®. Made from shatter-resistant safety glass, these mirrors are the perfect addition to any UTV.

QuadBoss Side View and Rearview Mirrors

“You can roll your ride and you will not break these mirrors,” says Jason Baldwin, Brand Manager for QuadBoss. “If you do manage to break a mirror, we will replace it, no questions asked.”

Both the side view and rearview mirrors feature a convex surface that provides wide-angle views and image stability. The mounting system is highly adjustable, which provides the rider maximum viewing range around their vehicle. A low-profile mounting bracket makes them easy to attach and minimizes interference with other attachments. Both have a lifetime warranty.

The side view mirror has high-impact housing and a flip-back and foldaway design that prevents damage to the mirror. It also has a tension bolt to tighten the mirror joint so that it never loosens. The side view mirror is 6.5” x 8.6”, while the rearview mirror is 10.2” x 3.9”.

QuadBoss side view and rearview mirrors can be ordered through your local Tucker Rocky/ Biker’s Choice dealer.

About QuadBoss

Founded in 2001, QuadBoss started out selling plows and tire sealant to motorsports dealers in the United States.  With the ever-increasing demand for ATV and UTV product, QuadBoss branched out and has become one of the leaders in high-quality replacement parts and innovative accessories, currently working with 1,200 dealers across the country.  QuadBoss is known for keeping the ATV/UTV community running – from recreational rider to rancher, all-terrain addict to outdoorsman, work or play.  QuadBoss offers a wide selection of tires, winches, trailers, replacement parts and more to make any ATV/UTV a workhorse or trail hound.  For more information, visit QuadBoss online at Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

About Tucker Rocky/Biker’s Choice

Featuring the most powerful portfolio of parts, accessories and apparel brands in powersports, Tucker Rocky/Biker’s Choice is the go-to supplier for retailers across the nation. In addition to an unmatched product selection, Tucker Rocky/Biker’s Choice is proud of its relentlessly customer-centric culture and unwavering pledge to on-time delivery. Because of its uncompromising commitment to continuous improvement, Tucker Rocky/Biker’s Choice has been earning the trust of the best dealers in the industry for nearly 50 years.

For more information, visit Tucker Rocky/Biker’s Choice online at www.tuckerrocky.com or on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.  To inquire about becoming a Tucker Rocky dealer for Offroad products and accessories, contact the New Dealer Development Department at (817) 258-9255 or newdealer@tuckerrocky.com.