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Rad Manufacturing – The CNC Factory

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2014.honda-trx250r.yellow.front_.jumping.in-air.JPGNearly every business begins with a product designed to fill a need. RAD Manufacturing began the same way and in the early 90’s when RAD began operations there was a definite need in the ATV world for quality aftermarket performance products. Despite being out of production for a few years the hottest sport model was still the Honda TRX 250R, and although it didn’t have many weaknesses, the rear axle bearings were one of them. It wasn’t if, but rather when, you were going to blow out your bearing carrier. The need was there; the solution wasn’t far behind.

The stock 250R bearing carrier utilized a single, sealed bearing on each end of the axle carrier. Longer axles, bigger tires, and more power put a much higher load on the Honda bearings and eventually they would fail, often times grinding into the axle and hub surface, and completely destroying the aluminum carrier. A heavier bearing was needed. Rather than increase bearing size, the better solution was a dual row bearing which instantly doubled the surface area and greatly increased load capacity. It would also require a different carrier though and it was RAD Manufacturing to the rescue. RAD spun up their CNC lathes, turned out a fully machined billet aluminum carrier, and they were in business. Before long they had branched out into carriers for other models such as Yamaha’s Banshee and Blaster, as well as other high quality, machined products.

Today RAD still builds bearing carriers for the legendary 250R, but they also build them for just about every other straight axle sport ATV as well. Through the years updates to their machinery and expansions to their business have allowed them to bring processes such as anodizing in house, and they are proud to say they’re products are built entirely in the U.S, with nearly every process taking place in their Veyo, Utah plant. Besides bearing carriers RAD also builds wheel spacers, axle lock nuts, rear brake caliper mounting plates, and parking brake block off plates. Pretty much any product that is machined out of aluminum is their specialty, and you can even get your new part anodized in the color of your choice for a custom look. Today RAD has tapped into another branch of the off-road world by offering high quality machined parts for motorcycles as well.vendor.2014.rad-mfg.honda-trx250r.bearing-carrier.JPG

Motorcycles don’t have an axle anything like an ATV, but they do have two axles with aluminum hubs that serve as the mounting point for wheel spokes, and the entire wheel assembly takes a beating every time out of the garage. Even the high performance, four stroke motors are hard on the drive wheel hub and RAD makes a unique, cushion drive system to lessen the impact load of acceleration or engine braking. The RAD wheel hubs are known for their strength and durability, and just like their ATV parts, the RAD motorcycle products are CNC machined from aircraft grade 6061-T6 billet aluminum and are fitted with heavy duty bearings and seals. A pro-level motocross rider requires a much different hub than a flat track rider however, so RAD makes different hubs for different applications. Completing the wheel assembly, RAD also makes their own heavy duty, stainless steel spokes and even the aluminum spoke nipples at the wheel. It’s all part of the package.

The complete package is what Rad Manufacturing is all about. It’s even how they structured their company by bringing all the manufacturing processes into their own facility. What they do best though is what they’ve always done which is filling a need by providing well-designed, dependable products to keep you on the track or trails. 

www.radmfg.com phone: 435-574-2537 

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May 16, 2014