Ride Area – Burning Rock

Ride Area – Burning Rock

location.2012.burning-rock.front-sign.jpgBurning Rock is another West Virginia ride area that considers the riding only part of the experience.  They think of everything when it comes to outdoor adventure and they’ll even help you plan it.  Want to camp, fish, go white water rafting, or even try zip lining?  You can experience it all at Burning Rock and if you need a guide or lessons they’ve got that covered too.  

With a name like Burning Rock there had to be a story.  As with most of the region, coal is an abundant resource that has played a huge role in local history, and it was even known as the Winding Gulf coalfields.  As coal was mined, the rubble (refuse) from the operation was deposited in the valley where the trail head is now located.  Since some coal remained mixed in with the rubble, the immense pressure and heat would cause it to combust ‘underground’ and a perpetual smoky haze filled the valley for decades, hence the name Burning Rock!  Reclamation at the end of mining operations turned the area into the wonderful recreational opportunities we enjoy today, and the name Burning Rock remains.

Today Burning Rock offers over 100 miles of trails on 8000 acres of beautiful, rolling, and mountainous terrain.  They’ve got thrills for riders of all skill levels, with open areas, winding trails, and deep forest.  Expect ravines, ridgelines, occasional mud, hill climbs, rocky sections, and more.  Daily, weekly and annual permits are available including a new family multi-permit package. location.2012.burning-rock.side-x-side.riding.through-woods.jpg

Exploring the mountain trails is a great experience and the trails are well maintained, but you’ll enjoy the views as much as the ride.  We also appreciate the general store they have on site with everything from snacks, to maps, to spark plugs, and the excellent staff was both knowledgeable and friendly.  They want to insure you enjoy your experience at Burning Rock also!  The real heart stopper of our visit though was the dual zip lines.  

Once strapped, harnessed, and fastened into a restraint system like a test pilot without the plane, all you need do is step off the platform and you’re quickly dropping at 60mph into the valley below, and for the next few moments the scenery and your life whizzes by.  Over 2500’ later your heart reclaims its place in your chest and begins to beat again when only moments ago you weren’t sure it ever would.  Ready for even more of a thrill?  Try it at night!

West Virginia knows how to provide the total experience when it comes to off-road exploration and excitement.  Burning Rock is a big part of that experience and tradition, with something for everyone in the family to enjoy.  It’s the total package.   

www.burningrockwv.com  – an excellent web site with plenty of info

171 Burning Rock Drive, Tams, WV 25921

(877) 683-9240

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July 30, 2012

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