Ride Area Review – Georgia Bound

Ride Area Review – Georgia Bound


Winter can feel like the longest season in Pennsylvania but today we were going to make our escape. We were headed to north Georgia for some sunshine, southern hospitality, and for a spring trail ride at the countries best theme park for off-road lovers, Durhamtown Off-Road Resort.


We rolled into Durhamtown and owner Mike McCommons was already on the porch with a glass of sweet tea. The warm Georgia air, heavy with the scent of pines, and a hearty handshake by McCommons made us feel at home, and we gladly grabbed a rocking chair of our own and settled in for a chat, and to watch the sun settle behind the trees.[node:field_image-property:0:filename]

Mike McCommons is an excellent host and story narrator! He has a vast knowledge of the history of Durhamtown going back to not just the civil war, but to the REVOLUTIONARY war! As it turns out, Mike’s great, great, great grandfather was a soldier fighting the redcoats in General Washington’s Continental army. After the war the new country was basically broke, and there wasn’t a lot of extra money to properly reward the soldiers. The country was up to its ears in land, although most of the continent had not even been explored beyond the next big river. Mikes great, great great grandfather found himself rewarded with 200 acres of prime Georgia land. There was just one catch; it had to be cleared before a crop of any kind could be planted.

The first “crop” was sawn timber as land was cleared, followed by cotton, and at times dairy cows along with the crops needed to feed them. No doubt it was back breaking work, but the family persisted, and each generation would expand on the property by purchasing neighboring land as it became available. Today the family spread covers over 30,000 acres, most of it being reserved as a pine plantation or supporting dairy farming. 

Mike grew up learning the family business, studied forestry and wildlife management along the way, and when the time came he was fully prepared to make his contribution to Durhamtowns history. While managing 8000 acres of trophy deer, quail, small game, and fishing on the land he began to notice a trend. Off-road riders were continually stopping by, offering to pay to ride on the logging roads and cattle trails. A new business opportunity was found!  title=


Rather than just open the gates and turn riders loose, Mike believed there was much more that could be offered to potential guests. His idea was for a type of off-road theme park, with all the amenities the guests could need. This is the exact same park development model Walt Disney had followed when he developed his mega-parks. Mike took that model and applied it to off-road and outdoor recreation, creating a vacation mecca like no other. Even if you come with no gear, no bike, and only a desire to have fun, they’ll set you up with everything you need to have an adventure you won’t forget.

At Durhamtown Off-Road Resort they’ve thought of every detail. They’ve got camping, cabins, and RV rentals for your stay, and an on-site lodge with a restaurant. While most who ride the trails at Durhamtown will bring their own machine like we did, they’ve got a rental fleet of over 150 atvs, dirt bikes, and Side x Sides. Sizes range from small machines perfect for the kids to ride, all the way up to expert level. Should you need a part, their on-site Pro Shop is stocked with one of the largest parts selections in the southeast, and over 1000 tires! If your hide needs patching up they’ve even got on-site trained medical personnel! Call box locations are spread out through the property for use in the event of an emergency. What riders value most is the riding and Durhamtown has plenty to try. Guests can check out the following: location.2017.durhamtown.dirt-bikes.riding.on-track.jpg

  • Over 150 miles of one-way trails

  • Over 40 miles of single track trails

  • Many tracks for riders of all ages and skill levels

  • Three mile Cross Country style woods course

  • ¼ mile flat track

  • 7 MX style tracks

  • Mud drag strip

  • Dirt drag strip

You can expect to find a little bit of everything on the trails at Durhamtown. If you like rocks, water, hills to climb, woods runs, or open play areas they’ve got it. One thing you will find in every area though is red clay. It’s definitely not the best place to wear your new white jersey, or for your lovely girlfriend to be sporting a sparkling white, Victories tank top. We found the trails to be well marked, and since they are mostly one-way there was little chance of meeting somebody headed in the opposite direction around the next turn.

If you like hunting and fishing, Durhamtown has you covered there also. They have deer, wild hog, turkey, and small game. A couple well stocked ponds are there to fish from, and as usual, they’ve got all the gear you need. If you would just rather shoot, they have a practice range that covers everything from 25 to 300 yards and a skeet shooting range as well. location.2017.durhamtown.grave-stone.jpg


After a great day on the trails we were ready for a shower, dinner, and a relaxing night at the cabin. Once again Durhamtown has got you covered and there are many cabins and RVs to be rented, along with 200 RV spots with full hook ups and tent camping areas. All Cabins & RV’s include clean linens, towels, washcloths, soaps and tissue, along with a TV, refrigerator, microwave and heat and air conditioning. The customary campfire ring is just outside your door as well. Bev’s Kitchen offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and on weekends there is a good chance you’ll be entertained in the evening by a live band.

We don’t know of anyplace else quite like Durhamtown. They’ve got everything you could possibly need for a day, a weekend, or even a year of riding, and they even sell memberships. Christmas is the only day they are not open, and if you visit often you can even leave your machine in secure, locked storage and they’ll clean it and service it so it’s ready for your next ride. As Mike envisioned, Durhamtown Off-Road Resort is all about the total experience.

Durhamtown Plantation

2350 Randolph Church Road, Union Point, Georgia 30669

Reservations / General Questions: 706-486-4603

Pro Shop: 706-486-4864 proshop@durhamtown.com

GPS Coordinates: N33 40.333 W82 59.894



July 26, 2017

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