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OFF ROAD BODY ARMOR remains a leader in aftermarket accessories for the KYMCO UXV 450.

 OFF ROAD BODY ARMOR remains a leader in aftermarket accessories

 for the KYMCO UXV 450.

11th January 2017, Marthasville, MO

OFF ROAD BODY ARMOR continues to expand its aftermarket

 accessory options for the KYMCO UXV 450i. They recently have finished developing the only set of half doors available for the KYMCO UXV 450i.

They are designed to be installed easily, and removed simply. The best part is consumers have the option of a flat steel painted door panel, or a

 perforated steel painted door panel. Both look stylish and improve the safety of the vehicle. Dealers from all over the nation had been requesting these doors, and OFF ROAD BODY ARMOR delivered. Kurt Driemeyer; owner, said “we have been getting great feedback

 about our new doors, and even some pictures of customers riding in them with their children and grandchildren. It really makes us feel good that we have developed these to ensure the safety of the riders, and to replace to nets that come on the KYMCO from

 the factory.”

OFF ROAD BODY ARMOR is also proud to announce they have

 partnered up with Pacific Eagle UTV Enclosures to offer a windshield for the UXV 450 as well. “The Split

 Lexan Windshield with the dual vents for the Kymco UXV 450i is truly top of the line. The windshields are hand crafted for a precision fit and offer quick connect clamps  for easy take off”, said Kurt.


OFF ROAD BODY ARMOR now offers two styles

 of doors, two styles of brush guards, tree kickers, bed rails, a rear bumper, windshield, and is working with a roof manufacturer to complete the aftermarket accessory lineup for the KYMCO UXV 450. The goal for ORBA is to become the go-to supplier of accessories

 for the KYMCO UXV 450i.

In the meantime, ORBA has also been developing

 accessories for the Arctic Cat Prowler 500 which include a brush guard, tree kickers, bed rails, and a rear bumper. Currently they are in the process of finishing up brush guards for the Arctic Cat Prowler 700 XT  and 1000 XT, as well as the Arctic Cat HDX

 500 and 700 models.

OFF ROAD BODY ARMOR is reaching the end

 of their first year in business, and plans to eventually be a major player in the side by side accessories market.

You can find OFF ROAD BODY ARMOR accessories on, and


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