Safe Jack makes bottle jacks safer

Safe Jack makes bottle jacks safer JACK has introduced a new compact and portable product line of bottle jack accessories. These accessories make the standard bottle jack far safer to use and gives the user options that have never been available before! The SAFE JACK system uses stackable and telescoping extensions on the jack ram to reach lift points instead of placing the jack on a pile of blocks. This is far more stable than cribbing blocks. In addition, jack pads attach to the top of the ram to positively grab the load so that the jack can’t slip. The Compact Jack Stand provides additional support and safety utilizing the SAFE JACK extensions and pads. Everything, including Compact Wheel Chocks fits in a single 8 x12 inch tool bag so it’s easy to stow in a vehicle.

The standard Bottle Jack Recovery Kit has a lifting range of 8 to 36 inches and the Compact Jack Stand Kit has a range of 5 to 23 inches but additional extensions can be added to lift even higher. The Safe Jack Recovery Kit includes: 1 each stackable 3”, 6” and adjustable 8-12” extensions, one flat and one universal/round jack pad as well as a tool bag. They can be purchased with or without the jack. Compact Jack Stands, Compact Wheel Chocks, additional ram extensions and jack pads are available separately.

SAFE JACK products are available directly from the manufacturer. Contact SAFE JACK at (509)735-2106 or go to for more information. See the products in action on You Tube.