You see it all the time.  Riders wanting to go faster nearly always look first at engine modifications promising more power.  They’re looking in the wrong place.  Experienced riders know that when you want more speed, you start with the suspension and not the cylinders.  Control the chassis and you will see more gains than added displacement or an ECU flash, and you’ll experience a far better ride.

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For the most part, the shocks and suspension on nearly every Side x Side or UTV are very similar.  A set of dual-A-arms at the front, and at the rear either a trailing arm, multi-point pivot system, or again just a simple set of dual A-arms dictates wheel motion, while a dampening system controls the speed and force of trail impacts.  In most cases that dampening tool is a shock body with an outer coil, (or sometimes several stacked) and internal valving limiting the passage of oil through specially sized orifices.  You can only ram so much oil at a time through a small hole, and that plays a big part in suspension reaction.  There have been a very small number of high-end models that control the shock electronically, but the systems have been limited to settings determined by the factories.  Not anymore.  Now Suspension Direct, Inc, (SDi) is launching their E-CLIK intelligent active suspension systems for Side x Sides.  It’s a highly intelligent, supremely capable system that is surprisingly easy to understand! 

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SDi has been building and working with suspension on Jeeps, motocross bikes, and Side x Sides for years.  They know suspension, but that also means they know the limitations and compromises.  When bringing the E-Clik system to the Side x Side world the goal was to eliminate those compromise situations with a highly adaptive product.  Goal achieved!  Highlights of the E-Clik system are:

  • FASTEST ADJUSTMENT TIME IN THE SPORT.  12 sensors calculate vehicle movements and driver inputs, sending messages to the SDi ECU 250 times per second, which automatically adjusts compression circuits on each shock, independently, based on real-time terrain and driving conditions.
  • PATENT PENDING PRO MENU.  You can adjust the way the system reacts to every condition.  Responds to: PITCH – ROLL – TURN – THROTTLE and BRAKE sensitivity in real-time.
  • COLOR TOUCH SCREEN CONTROLLER.  The display is always there, making it easy to adjust, and showing real time data, and response is instantaneous.  Keep your phone in the glove box.
    • CLOUD MODE – For casual trail riding and rock crawling.  System provides a soft, comfortable ride without sacrificing body control
    • DUNE MODE – Works very well in extreme transitions. The ECU senses G-Outs and stiffens the front, then the rear at the perfect time making bottom outs a thing of the past.
    • RACE MODE – Self Explanatory.  No compromises at any speed.  More reactive to terrain and driver input for precision handling.  The only limit is you. 
  • FIVE MENU SYSTEM.  Adjust Brake Sensitivity, Turn Sensitivity, Roll Sensitivity, Throttle Sensitivity, Pitch Sensitivity.
  • WORKS IN THE COLD.  SDi designed the system with components tested in cold conditions
  • $2599.  The E-Click system in on-par with many aftermarket shock options offering far less. 


Everything about the E-Clik system was designed to be easy to use.  It’s highly intuitive and easy to adjust with the dash mounted adjuster wheel.  It’s not a simple on/off system though.  Rather than applying one setting to all the vehicle shocks, all you need to do is input some basic info, pick your riding conditions, and it will handle to rest by adjusting each shock independently for each foot of the trail, and in real-time.  That means for everything it senses, it reacts accordingly.  For example, in a hard turn with the throttle on, it will sense body roll, and stiffen the outside shocks to compensate.  Another example is for aggressive riding where it senses high loads and travel speed, then adjusts the front and rear shocks independently, and at the precise moment to prevent bottoming or G-outs.  Love it!

We were extremely happy to learn that the E-Clik intelligent active suspension system retrofits existing shocks.  Chances are, if you own a high-performance Side x Side, it came with either Walker Evans or FOX shocks, and this makes the switchover easy!  All you have to do is send your shocks to one of their servicing partners, and they’ll replace the components needed to make them state-of-the-art.   And should you change machines, you can take the E-Clik system with you!  It’s not single model exclusive!  Best of all, it’s priced for less than many high-end shock packages that offer less features.  It’s even $1500 less than the Jeep systems! 

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Accessories often promise performance gains.   This one you can feel.  It’s highly intuitive, supremely capable, and it delivers.  In the quest for more speed, extra engine power often results in nothing more than extra noise, and a chassis that borders on being out-of-control.  Whether you’re looking for more speed, or just a much better ride, this is where you start.  You’ll find both.

SDi E-CLIK system will be available through authorized SDi dealer in the spring of 2021.  For more info visit: 

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March 22, 2021

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