Seizmik Side by Side Soft Tops & Dust Panels

Seizmik Side by Side Soft Tops & Dust Panels

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The Seizmik Soft Top and Rear Dust Panel has a best in class fit courtesy of precise design, over 54″ of industrial strength Velcro, and Seizmik’s QuikFit Tightening System. The tightening system uses two straps that wrap around the roll cage and buckle inside the cab. This reduces the installation time of the top and provides the best fit of any soft top in the industry.

What really sets these tops apart is their ability to be left on vehicles that are trailered with properly installed windshields. This is possible because the tops are wrapped around the roll bar with over 54″ of sewn-on Velcro, including an additional 3 to 4 feet (depending on vehicle width) of adhesive Velcro that seal the top to the windshield, creating a snug fit that eliminates any loose flaps.


  • Waterproof PVC coated nylon with UV protection
  • Quikfit Tightening System straps allow tight and clean installs
  • Super tight tailored fit with Velcro closures mean no loose flaps
  • Integrated rear dust panel, with huge window, can be rolled up for more ventilation
  • Trailer up to 65 mph with properly installed windshields
  • Installs and removes quickly and easily with no tools or drilling required
  • Integrates seamlessly with windshields and light bars
Full Size Ranger
P/N 18044
Mid Size Ranger
P/N 18045
P/N 18043

Reduce Backdraft Dust

The Dust Panel keeps out the dust wind and rain that comes in with the back draft on UTV’s that have windshields and roofs installed.

Durable Construction: Constructed from ultra tough UV coated nylon and a vinyl window.

Tight Fit: The Seizmik dust panel is designed to provide the tightest fit on the market thanks to its industrial grade Velcro straps that wrap around the roll bars.

Large Viewing Area: Seizmik dust panels are equipped with extra large viewing windows.

Trailerable: The durable materials, tight fitment and the elimination of loose straps enable all of Seizmik Dust Panels to be trailered to 65 mph with properly installed windshield.

Easy Install and Removal: All Seizmik dust panels can be removed and installed in less than 10 minutes, with no drilling or tools required.

Compatible: Works with any hard roof.

Full Size Ranger
P/N 04017
Mid Size Ranger
P/N 04016
P/N 04018