Seizmik’s New Pursuit Mirrors

Seizmik’s New Pursuit Mirrors

Our mirrors have a Lifetime Unlimited Warranty. What that means is that if you break them, ever, for any reason, we’ll replace the parts. Free. Forever. Seriously.Guaranteed For Life

At least 35% Gross Margin for dealers.
Strong MAP enforcement.

They are available in 3 fitments:

18071 – 1.75″ round roll cages
18072 – 2″ round roll cages
18073 – Polaris Pro-Fit roll cages.

Notched Delrin® detents allow the mirror to fold in when hit and be returned to its original position in one move. The adjustable independent glass stays where you set it, keeping riders focused on the trail and not their mirror.

Our new Pursuit mirrors are fully adjustable and serviceable. Independent convex safety glass provides a wide viewing angle and can be replaced without having to replace the whole mirror.

  1. The cast aluminum housing can withstand the most extreme punishment.
  2. Weather sealed caps keep out debris. Color kits available.
  3. Rubber vibration isolator means a clear image & keeps the mirror from sliding
  4. Position tension adjustment bolts
  5. Cast aluminum & steel clamp has low-mass design allowing it to work with virtually any windshield.

Color Seal Caps Available

Sold Separately

Standard – Black 18074 – Red 18075 – Yellow 18076 – Green

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