Self Defense Gun Rack

Self Defense Gun Rack

vendor.2014.great-day-inc.self-defense-gun-rack.jpgWhen considering the increase in crime—especially with home break-ins, personal attacks, etc., there is much wisdom in being prepared and having a plan for defending one’s self.  Great Day, Inc.’s Self Defense Gun Rack strategically positions your firearms at your fingertips—right at the most likely point of invasion—your door! The Self Defense Gun Rack mounts to the inside of exit or interior doors—with no evidence of its presence from outside the door. When the door is opened, the firearms are then moved out of sight to anyone facing the door entrance—adding an additional dimension of security.

The Self Defense Gun Rack is constructed of lightweight aircraft aluminum and mounts to any standard wooden or metal exterior or interior door that is at least 30 inches wide.  It mounts securely to the inside of the door with fasteners provided.  The SD3 holds three firearms—accommodating most standard models of rifles, shotguns or muzzleloaders.  The guns are held securely in place in cushioned holders with the butts of the guns resting in a cushioned cradle.  The holders can be changed to hold the guns in either direction to adapt to right or left-hinged doors. The Self Defense Gun Rack also includes a lockable protector plate to prevent access by unwanted hands.

The SD3 is ideal for use in homes, hunting camps, law enforcement and military facilities.  Protection provided by the Self Defense Gun Rack’s quick access to firearms is extremely affordable—the peace of mind it brings is priceless!

Made with Pride in the USA!

WARNING—Never leave the Self Defense Gun Rack unlocked when not in use.  The key to the SD3 should be kept in a safe place, inaccessible to children.

WARNING—Never store loaded guns in the SD3 and keep ammunition in a separate location.