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All That's New in Powersports Under One Giant Roof
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2017.feature.sema-show.las-vegas.wide-shot.jpgThe SEMA show in Vegas is a tribute to all things with wheels and a motor. Whether you are there to check out tools, tires, or one of the hundreds of heavily modified machines there is something for everybody at SEMA.

There are few trade shows on the planet that can rival the SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) show which is held in Las Vegas. It’s beyond huge and fills the floor space of six Las Vegas sized convention centers and their parking lots with everything from tools, to tires. High-end supercars, custom builds, Mad-Max style creations, and ATVs can be found. There is even a power sports pavilion where hot new products that will soon find their way to trails near you make their debut. Custom trucks and Jeeps are everywhere, and the ATV and Side x Side world is well represented with everything from trailer queens that will never see dirt to machines that looked like they were ridden out of the desert and onto the expo floor. If it rolls on dirt or asphalt it’s here! Rather than describe everything we found we’ll give you a pictorial preview instead.

2017.feature.sema-show.greenball-tire.modified-polaris-rzr.jpgThere were plenty of Polaris RZRs at SEMA and practically all were heavily modified. This one in the Greenball Tire booth is especially sharp.

2017.feature.sema-show.modified-polaris-rzr.jpgCheck out the articulation on this machine. It might look like a Polaris but there’s not much that came from the factory.

2017.feature.sema-show.ebc-brakes.booth.jpgThe EBC Brakes booth.

2017.feature.sema-show.rugged-radios.vw-bug.jpgThe retro look Rugged Radios VW bug

2017.feature.sema-show.arctic-cat.outdoor-display.jpgARCTIC CAT went all out at SEMA with a huge outdoor display, and even demo rides.

2017.feature.sema-show.maxxis-tires.display.jpgMAXXIS was on hand with a huge display and tires from their automotive and off-road lines.

2017.feature.sema-show.napier.truck-tent.jpgThis truck camper from Napier makes the most of your truck bed space. Rather than tow a camper all you need to do is unfold the tent shell. PRO-COMP people are known for their awesome off-road wheels but the PRO-COMP family offers much more. For SEMA they really branched out with an electric JEEP! Torque is better than the standard gasoline engine and it can handle two days of rock crawling on a charge. A large battery pack sits under the hood where the engine is usually found.
2017.feature.sema-show.great-day.vice-president-ilar-meeks.jpgGreat Day makes all types of extruded aluminum accessories for outdoor recreation and Ilar Meeks (Vice President / National Sales Manager) was on hand to show potential buyers. It was great talking to you Ilar! great retro machine – the Amsoil Ford Bronco

2017.feature.sema-show.xtv-axels.jpgGSP makes axles for some of the manufacturers and now they are releasing their XTV direct replacement axle to the public.

2017.feature.sema-show.custom-paint-job.jpgBeauty and The Beast. An awesome paint job makes this truck too nice to take to the dirt.

2017.feature.sema-show.customized.bad-boy-stampede.jpgThis is the first customized Bad Boy Stampede we’ve seen and it looks awesome outfitted for serious off-road action. company called Oreion was showing this small vehicle they are releasing. It’s about the size of a Polaris RZR 570 but looks like it could be made road legal.

2017.feature.sema-show.spare-tire-rack.jpgWe love how this spare tire carrier folds up allowing for better use of the storage space underneath.

2017.feature.sema-show.rugged-liner.cargo-pocket.jpgThe RUGGED LINER people came up with another great concept by building pockets into truck bed liners to help keep cargo organized.

2017.feature.sema-show.customized-polaris-rzr.jpgWe don’t think anybody will be taking this Polaris Ranger to the deer camp or hauling firewood.

2017.feature.sema-show.welding-vehicle.jpgWe have no idea what this vehicle represents other than about a years’ worth of tube notching and endless welding.

2017.feature.sema-show.super-car.jpg Exotic supercars are well represented at SEMA. It’s probably the only place you’ll find so many at the same time. makers are on hand at SEMA and Lincoln Electric had a hands-on display with all their welders and plasma cutters.

2017.feature.sema-show.odyssey.polaris-rzr.jpgAnother great looking RZR in the Odyssey battery booth.

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