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feature.2016.sema-expo.side-x-side-booth.jpgThe SEMA show in Vegas is a tribute to all things with wheels and a motor. Whether you are there to check out tools, tires, or one of the hundreds of heavily modified machines there is something for everybody at SEMA.

Every industry has its annual conventions, trade shows, or expo. It’s a chance to network with fellow industry insiders, preview new products, check up on the competition, and generally have fun for a couple days all under the guise of “work”. Besides the show there’s the nightly debauchery with all manner of temptations and many attendees flock to the usual dens of gyrating decadence as pulsating neon signs draw them in like moths to a bug light. Perhaps the most famous motorsports themed show is the SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) show which is held in Las Vegas. If it rolls on dirt or asphalt it’s here!

The SEMA show positively eclipses every other show for its size. It fills several large convention halls in Vegas and floods into surrounding parking lots as well. Last year over 125,000 dealers and buyers attended. Although the focus clearly began with traditional cars and trucks, today everything from high-end supercars to ATVs can be found. There is even a powersports pavilion where hot new products that will soon find their way to trails near you often make their debut. With thoughts of new parts and a few days relaxation in an arid, tropical resort in mind, we grabbed our camera and headed out for the bright lights of Vegas. 

The circus side show oddities of the off-road world usually make their appearance at SEMA, with some vehicles on display that we would take no further down the trail than we could walk back. On the opposite end of the spectrum are the highly specialized, custom built vehicles with meticulous detail work and gorgeous, museum quality paint jobs. Highly modified Jeeps and trucks are everywhere. The ATV and Side x Side world is well represented with everything from trailer queens that will never see dirt to machines that looked like they were ridden out of the desert and onto the expo floor. Rather than describe everything we found, we’ll give you a pictorial preview instead.

feature.2016.sema-expo.rugged-liner.jpgThe RUGGED LINER people came up with a great concept. Since they make bed liners anyway, why not create a TRAILER LINER and turn your ATV trailer into a bulk material hauling tool?

feature.2016.sema-expo.rugged-radio-polaris-rzr.jpgThe RUGGED RADIOS Polaris RZR.

feature.2016.sema-expo.american-force-wheels.jpgAMERICAN FORCE WHEELS had several awesome machines like this in their booth.

feature.2016.sema-expo.american-force-wheels.can-am-maverick.jpgAnother AMERICAN FORCE creation from a Can-Am Maverick

feature.2016.sema-expo.decked.truck-bed-storage.jpgThe DECKED people were showing this awesome storage system. The drawers pull out easily, the very sturdy deck includes tie downs, there is a handy measurement tool and even a bolt and screw gauge built in. We really like it!

feature.2016.sema-expo.decked.truck-bed-storage-measuring-tool.jpg hunting is going to be a whole lot different next year thanks to this mobile security force protection vehicle. If you’re a third world dictator bent on oppressing an uprising but a little short on a proper air force, this might be just the thing to maintain your murderous reign.

feature.2016.sema-expo.jri-shocks.jpgThe JRI SHOCKS people have been making high end shocks for years and some you can even adjust with a phone app. They were showing their technology at SEMA also


feature.2016.sema-expo.barricade.fixing-flat-tire-demo.jpgEverybody gets flat tires in the off-road world. The BARRICADE people are bent on fixing it.



feature.2016.sema-expo.line-x.jpgThe LINE-X people wanted to show off their tough products in an equally tough vehicle. The Kawasaki Mule definitely fit in perfectly.

feature.2016.sema-expo.lifted-jeep-and-model.jpgBeauty and The Beast

feature.2016.sema-expo.custom-polaris-rzr.jpgWe love the old school fighter plane paint job on this Polaris

feature.2016.sema-expo.custom-jeep.jpgAnother awesome Jeep build

feature.2016.sema-expo.hi-sun.jpgThe HiSun people were showing their wide range of ATVs and Side x Sides at SEMA.

feature.2016.sema-expo.bubba-rope.jpgBUBBA ROPE had a large booth at SEMA and they’ve got a great product line. Check out our test in this issue!

feature.2016.sema-expo.sports-car.jpgBuilt for speed. There was no shortage of extremely rare and extremely fast supercars at SEMA. It’s probably the only place you’ll find so many at the same time.

feature.2016.sema-expo.sxs-gear.jpgA company called SxS Gear was showing their mud loving, axle drive gear boxes

feature.2016.sema-expo.wheel-booth.jpgWe’ve never seen so many wheels in one place. One entire floor was dedicated to tires and wheels.

feature.2016.sema-expo.bug-buster.jpgA company named BUG BUSTER came up with a novel idea for a wind shield. Rather than deflecting everything with glass or acrylic, they used a tough, mesh material that allows wind to pass through, but dust follows airflow over the top, and mud and bugs don’t seem to stick. They even had a pitcher throwing a baseball into it (nice delivery BTW) and it stayed in place with no tears or rips. We want to try one! SUSPENSION is huge in off-road and they had a SEMA booth also

feature.2016.sema-expo.whelen.jpgThe WHELEN rock crawler ready for action

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