Sherrer Contracting Inc. Provides Safe Reliable Tailgate Ramp and Truck Cab protection

Sherrer Contracting Inc. Provides Safe Reliable Tailgate Ramp and Truck Cab protection

vendor.2015.tailgate-ramp.on-truck.jpgThe Product: 

This TailGate Ramp is a replacement tailgate for your pickup. You’ll never be without a safe form of loading. Just remove your OEM tailgate and put in the TailGate Ramp.  The Ramp is made to fit each model of truck just like original Tailgate.

Exact length is determined by truck model. The TailGate Ramp consists of four sections that fold out to provide safe loading ramp for your ATV, motorcycle, lawnmower or anything you need to roll, push or pull into your truck.

The sections are constructed of quality steel framing with an expanded steel grating. The surface of the TailGate Ramp is coated with Rhino liner which is a spray in truck-bed Liner. The spraying process also adds garnet granules into the spray on liner. This keeps the ramp surface from becoming slippery, especially when snow and mud are present. The ramp comes with a heavy duty spring which attaches to the truck to assist in folding and shutting. When opening and closing as a regular tailgate it only requires an average of 8lbs to be lifted when closing. Follow instructions for Folding ramp. Two magnets hold the bottom 2 sections together. The ramp folds within itself taking up no more room than original tailgate. It functions like a regular tailgate when you don’t unfold it. Sherrer Contracting Inc. offers a one-year warranty on workmanship and materials. 

Headache Rack:

As an option Sherrer Contracting Inc. offers a custom headache rack. This is a rack with side rail as well as front cab and rear window protection. The headache rack is made from 1½ inch tubing and expanded steel. Other features include a corner mounted 2000 pound winch, hitch in the center for double blocking and two large mounted work lights. 

Sherrer Contracting Inc. first designed the headache rack option as part of a package for loading objects without wheels or that were too heavy to carry. Seems that the rack and ramp work quite well together. It would work great for State Game officials to use the ramp and winch to load carcasses from the side of highways. The winch works great for loading an ATV or other pieces of equipment that will not start or are cumbersome to load. Realize with a tailgate ramp you’ll never be without your ramps again. Earl welcomes dealer inquiries and stands behind his Tailgates with an individual warranty on workmanship.

The TailGate Ramp for Trailers:

   The ramp is in two sections-right and left halves-that when mounted on the trailer give a full width ramp for loading.  Each side is a four-fold compact ramp which unfolds to an 8 foot length.  There are two side pieces for mounting the spring and latches.  The ramp is made of heavy square tubing and expanded metal.  It is coated with Rhino Liner.  Garnet granules imbedded in the polyurethane Rhino Lining make for good traction. 

  There is a spring assist for each side that takes the work out of folding and unfolding the ramp.  This is the workhorse of our ramps.  At present,  they are being used by fire crews for loading both 4-wheelers and 6-wheelers.  The 6-wheelers have sprayers that carry 300 lbs. of water.

   The ramp is just tall enough, when in closed position, to make the rear of the trailer visible from the driver’s vision in the rear view mirrors.  The mounting hinges are furnished.

Extension spring assistance attached to trailer body makes Closing or opening tailgate easy for anyone.  Tailgate closing Requires 8 lbs of lift and ramp requires 34 pounds of lift for Folding. 

Unfolding The Tailgate Ramp:

   On the side of the tailgate there are 2 latches, the lower one holds your ramp together.  When gate is to be used as a ramp, release the right side latch then go to left side.  Release the lower latch.  Grip handle firmly and release the upper latch. Slowly,  lower ramp and pull apart when ramp is hanging freely.  Then,  reach under section 2 and release inner latch. The inside 2 sections will release and drop.  Sections 3 and 4 are held together with 2 rare earth magnets.  Grip the two handles and pull apart.  Do the same on the right side and you have a full width-loading ramp.  Your ramp is unfolded and ready to use.  Re-fold it one section at the time.   Extension assist spring is included with all tailgate ramps for easy tailgate closing. 

   Installation may require some welding, drilling, and fitting. For demonstration of folding and unfolding, see movie clip on web page or email for information to be sent. 

   Golf carts, lawn mowers,  ATVs, and  6-wheelers can all be loaded safer.  Not for loading large heavy tractors and equipment.  When ordering, include a picture of the  trailer and measurements.

Suggested Retail Price is $1300.00 plus UPS shipping charges (ships in 3 separate boxes).

Company Information

Sherrer Contracting Inc. is a family, owned and run business located in Elk City, Idaho. The Sherrer business is headed up by Earl Sherrer, a diversified individual who was in Forestry. The Sherrer business was incorporated in 1992 and has been involved in several different types of contracts since.

In the last decade the small Elk City, Idaho community has encountered an economical roadblock, as environmental issues have been the cause of this small town’s timber industry shutting down. The Timber Industry was once Elk City’s largest source of income and with that loss, Elk City, Idaho area has decreased from 1290 residents to just above 350 residents since 1995. The small town school has gone from 120 students to 32 with no high school courses offered closer than 60 miles away. With the sawmill moving and some residents having to leave in the coming year, Earl hopes that the tailgate manufacturing can help keep some folks from having to leave town and give them a choice.

Earl is a genuine, honest, hard working American that would like to see Elk City keep it’s remaining businesses and school. Earl and his family have decided to put this project into production. Earl has been working on his TailGate Ramp for several years before putting it on the market. Back in 1989 while Earl was still involved in the prospering timber industry he used his ATV on a daily basis for work. On one occasion while unloading his ATV from his pick-up, the loading ramp slipped and caused his ATV to flip on him. Luckily Earl was not hurt but the experience started Earl on a quest for a safer way to load and unload ATVs onto a pick-up. In 2001 Earl and his team had put together a proto-type Tailgate Ramp, The idea worked so well that by March 20, 2004 Sherrer Contracting had received a patent for the TailGate Ramp.

Earl was contacted by a safety specialist from the U.S. Forest Service in Oregon last Spring. They found the ramp to be the safest loading process thus far for their needs. The TailGate Ramps meet the U.S. Forest Service requirements for Safety in that district.
Tailgate Ramp sales have been on the rise with the sales being scattered across the country to individuals, companies, and government agencies along with a lumber company in Canada trying it out to see if it is what they need for convenience and safety for their foresters.

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