Shorai LFX™ Batteries Announces New Partnership with Lehr Incorporated as Official Battery of Propane Powered Outboard Motors

Shorai LFX™ Batteries Announces New Partnership with Lehr Incorporated as Official Battery of Propane Powered Outboard Motors

logo.2013.shorai_1.jpgSUNNYVALE, Calif., (July 25, 2013)Shorai Inc., a global leader in the design, development and manufacture of prismatic cell, lithium iron phosphate power sports batteries, today announced a new partnership with LEHR Inc., well-known for their pioneering green technology and manufacture of the world’s first propane-fueled outboard motors for marine vessels. Not only are Shorai LFX™ batteries the first lithium iron battery option available for the marine industry, but this new partnership is the first time an outboard motor includes an enclosed internal battery.

“Shorai is extremely thrilled about our entry into the marine market. LEHR is a cutting-edge green technology company with tremendous growth potential and we are extremely proud to be working with them as a partner,” said James McCormick, President and CEO of Shorai. “As both Shorai  LFX™ batteries and LEHR’s Outboard Motor Series engines require less maintenance than our respective industries’ traditional products, we look forward to introducing and educating consumers about a better alternative to enjoy their favorite recreational marine pastimes.”

“Everyone at LEHR is excited about this partnership as we are able to continue the development of the next generation of environmentally friendly, easy to use, dependable products. Our partnership with Shorai LFX™ batteries ensures that we have the most durable marine product available – with lithium iron batteries and propane we have a combination where everyone wins,” said Captain Bernardo Herzer, founder and CEO for LEHR Inc.

Because Shorai LFX™ batteries have an extremely low discharge rate, they are an ideal choice for seasonal uses such as marine applications. Unlike traditional lead acid batteries commonly used in marine engines, Shorai’s LFX™ batteries are able to hold an unloaded charge for an entire year without compromising service life. By featuring an enclosed internal battery, Shorai’s partnership with LEHR’s Outboard Motor Series will allow consumers a significantly improved ease of use.

Well-known for their motorcycle and power sports applications, this introduction into the marine industry continues to mark Shorai’s growing corporate expansion, both in global dealership availability and applications for use. Shorai LFX™ batteries can be found in thousands of dealers across the globe and online at The LEHR Propane Powered Outboard Motor Series featuring Shorai LFX™ batteries will soon be available through distributors across the country, with additional details to be announced in the coming months.  

About LEHR 

LEHR ( is a world leader in propane-fueled engines, on the cutting edge of green technology. Its patented and proprietary technology was conceived by Captain Bernardo J. Herzer, CEO and founder.  Herzer developed technology and ideas for safer, cleaner and sturdy propane engines now used in a line of marine outboard motors as well as  lawn & garden equipment sold worldwide . LEHR’s products have been lauded by governments, environmental organizations and others receiving many prestigious awards.  

About Shorai

Founded in 2010 and based in Sunnyvale, Calif., Shorai Inc. has quickly become the world’s principal producer of prismatic cell, lithium iron phosphate power sports batteries. Shorai is leading the market’s conversion from traditional lead-acid batteries to lighter, more efficient and higher performance lithium starter batteries. For more information about Shorai LFX™ batteries, product offerings, upcoming sponsored events or local Shorai dealers, please visit