Simply the Best Way to Help Identify Yourself

Simply the Best Way to Help Identify Yourself

vendor.2014.epic-id.usb-identification-bracelet.jpgRogers, AR:    EPIC-id is the first emergency personal information USB repository created for motorcyclists, outdoor enthusiasts, athletes, and for anyone with a medical condition. Looks are deceiving; EPIC-id is a small yet powerful tool in providing the most important life saving personal information easily to first responders. Designed to take the abuse of everyday wear EPIC-id is rugged, practical, and affordable.

The USB flash drive inside the band stores critical medical information and pertinent contact details in an intuitive, easy-to-read, and simple interface. EPIC-id comes with digital forms, making it simple to input personal medical information and make updates as often as necessary. Personal information, medical history and insurance information are accessible by inserting EPIC-id into any Mac™ or PC USB port.

Gone are the days of placing a crash card in your wallet or attaching it to your gear. No more soggy wet and tattered paper that is impossible to update, forget about hard to find tags and lose those reflective stickers.  EPIC-id is boldly marked with the universal medical symbol, a red cross. Every EMT, first responder, police, and fire fighter knows what it is and what it means. They will be able to insert your EPIC-id into their on-board computers and access important medical information without the need for a charged phone, passwords or a Wi-Fi connection.

EPIC-id features a waterproof USB flash drive with a patent pending durable stainless steel Click-Secure Closure™ and a comfortable, custom-fit hypoallergenic silicone band. The proprietary EPIC-id software is PC/Mac™ compatible, easy to update, and secure, so information is never on a cloud. EPIC-id possesses an upscale, athletic design that people can be proud to wear. For more information please visit the EPIC-id website, .

EPIC-id Features:

·         Waterproof USB

·         Comfortable silicone band

·         Durable stainless steel clasp

·         PC/Mac™ compatible

·         One size/custom fit

·         Easy to update

·         Easy for First Responders

·         White, Black, Red

·         MSRP: $34.95