Skypatrol Introduces Protek GPS for ATV/UTVs

Skypatrol Introduces Protek GPS for ATV/UTVs

Easy to use software and durable GPS hardware combine for a powerful theft recovery and tracking system designed specifically for powersport enthusiasts. Practical, provides rapid theft recovery. Fun, lets you see where you’ve been. Comforting, because you know where your family is.


Miami, March 20th, 2015. Skypatrol, a leader in GPS Tracking Solutions, introduced their Protek GPS System to the ATV/UTV market today. Skypatrol entered this market to make their proven theft recovery and tracking system available to ATV enthusiasts. The System is designed to immediately notify the user the second a thief starts tampering with the ATV or UTV, because the team at Skypatrol knows that every second counts when it comes to thwarting a thief.

The Protek GPS System immediately sends out a text or email alert whenever it senses motion with the ignition off. The belief being, the sooner the alert, the better the chances for recovery, ensuring the 24/7 protection offered by the Protek GPS System.

Tony Tarell, Director of Sales for Skypatrol’s Powersport Division said, “The Protek GPS System with its advanced satellite technology can detect motion quickly and accurately. This allows you to instantly track, locate, and recover your powersport vehicle using any web enabled device. The system is extremely powerful, and yet, easy to use making it a natural for ATV and UTV riders.”

The Protek GPS system provides the user with intuitive software accessible from any computer, smart phone or tablet. The sophisticated software makes locating the vehicle simple, and also offers the user advanced features and capabilities including text or email notifications for a low battery or speeding, and there is an easy to use geo-fence perimeter

The GPS device used in the System is specifically designed and built for use on ATVs and UTVs and is virtually indestructible. It is sealed in an advanced ABS shell, which is water resistant as well as impervious to heat, and vibration, and has a back-up battery to assure peak performance.

The Protek GPS system is the most powerful and full-featured GPS-based security and locating system available for any powersport vehicle. The Protek GPS System protects your ATV, but more important, the System protects your family. And at the end of the day, Protek GPS provides peace of mind.

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