Something New | Rigid Radiance

Something New | Rigid Radiance

Rigid Industries was the first company to release LED lighting solutions for off-road applications, so it’s no surprise that we have one of the widest selections of light bars, cubes, and other LED products. Our latest addition, the Rigid Industries’ Radiance™, adds even more options.  With so many products to choose from, selecting the perfect lighting solution for your application can be a little daunting. 


The new Rigid Industries’ Radiance products are a bit of a departure from Rigid’s other lines in some ways, but they offer an impressive number of features and an even more impressive price point. Right off the bat, there are several visual cues that the Radiance is different from all the other light bars out there and even from the rest of Rigid’s other products.

The Radiance light bars are available in 10″ to 50″ lengths and are an excellent choice for an enthusiast that is looking for an entry-level lighting solution with Rigid’s legendary quality. The accent lighting, unique branding plates, optics, and price point make it a very well-rounded product for those that want the rugged look of modern LED technology with many of the same benefits that Rigid offers in its other product lines.

 Dedicated off-roaders that will be subjecting their off-road lighting to sustained heavy vibration and more extreme use may better appreciate the rugged features of Rigid’s more traditional product lines, as they also offer more application-specific lighting options and a greater variety of configurations.  Without question, the Radiance line represents a better value than much of the no-name LED lighting products on the market, as they are backed by Rigid’s reputation and quality control. Learn more at

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