Special Project – The Dark Side

Special Project – The Dark Side

2013.can-am.commander.cold-blooded-performance-lord-vader.black.front-right.parked.on-grass.JPGEvery bad boy has a little bit of off-road blood flowing through their veins.  After all, who doesn’t like to sling a little dirt now and then?  Even young Anakin Skywalker was an off-road racer long before he became the galaxy roving menace known as Darth Vader.  If Lord Vader had stuck to his terrestrial roots though, we imagine his machine would look something like the awesome Commander owned by Lance Guidry.  

Lance’s Commander is a serious mud machine any way you look at it.  It’s got the mandatory enormous ground clearance, a potent, modified motor and clutch with extra cooling capacity, heavy duty bumpers, a winch for towing anybody else out of the pit, and four gargantuan 29.5 tires shod on black, cast aluminum wheels.  Beyond the looks though, Lances’ machine is also an example of mechanical art with a surprising bit of refinement thanks to a comfy interior complete with an awesome sound system, and a front to back black color scheme that hints at the power within.  It’s big, it’s black, it’s all powerful, and it’s ready to take care of business at any time.  Welcome to The Dark Side.2013.can-am.commander.cold-blooded-performance-lord-vader.black.front.parked.on-grass.JPG

ATVI:   Thank you for showing us your one-of-a kind Commander Lance.  Please tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got involved in off-roading.  

LG: Growing up on a ranch, we have always had ATVs and UTVs, and plenty of open land to ride on. It was a fun hobby for everyone to enjoy after all the work around the ranch was complete. 

ATVI:   Is this your first Can-Am? 

LG: Yes, this is my First Can-Am. 

ATVI:    What inspired you to select a Can-Am Commander for the build? 

LG: This was a very tough decision as there are other SxS’s that are very capable as well. The Commander won my vote because of the features and attention to detail that it offers, especially the interior cab area, adjustable steering column and OEM power steering.

Secondly, the contours of the cockpit and the seats tend to hold you in place with extreme comfort not found in any other SxS on the market. I also favored the clean lines and futuristic look of the Commander. The utility features of the cargo bed and tow bar for use around the home or ranch also helped in making my decision. 

ATVI:   Can you tell us what all you’ve done to your Commander?2013.can-am.commander.cold-blooded-performance-lord-vader.close-up.a-arm.JPG

LG: -Rockford 6.5″ Tower Speakers

-SSV Works Custom Sub Enclosure w/10” Sub

-Extra Battery w/Pac 200 Isolator

-Custom Snorkels by Cold Blooded Performance

-4″ CATVOS Lift

-Heavy Duty Steering Rack W/ reinforcement plate. By CATVOS

-1.5″ Billet Wheel Spacers

-M12 Diesel’s with Black Center Caps

-29.5″ Outlaw 2’s (Skinny/Wide)

-STM Rage 6 Primary w/STM Secondary style=

-Turnkey 1/4 Doors

-Turnkey Switch Panel

-Low Range Sport Mode Switch

-Engine Fan Mod (On/Off/Normal)

-Heat Insulation on all interior panels

-Warn Winch

-Can Am Extreme Front Bumper

-The Bom Racing Fuel Controller

-Custom Tune by Cold Blooded Performance

-HID’s (Highs/Lows)

-Heavy Duty Steering Rack W/ reinforcement plate. By CATVOS2013.can-am.commander.cold-blooded-performance-lord-vader.close-up.audio-system.JPG

-40″ Baja LED Bar W/ Turnkey Mount in Transit….

ATVI:   What was your vision when you decided you were going to customize this Commander?

LG: I have always had an inspiration for building high-performance PWC’s. Some of which were Sea-Doo with supercharged Rotax®engines. The key vision for this build was the same as I have always followed with the PWC’s. I wanted a high-performance, capable, sleek looking SxS, nothing flashy that screams look at me; and no unnecessary accessories, just a clean and stealthy SxS. 

ATVI:   How long did the build process take? 

LG: As the Commander sits in the photographs, it took about 4 weeks to complete. All the work was performed at Cold Blooded Performance and Custom ATV of Shreveport.

ATVI:   What was your reaction once it was completed? https://atvillustrated.com/wp-content/files/2013.can-am.commander.cold-blooded-performance-lord-vader.close-up.snorkel-system.JPG

LG: This Commander build’s appearance was far more superior than I had envisioned. Yet, it is exactly what I wanted from the outside. It looks simple and sleek, then on the inside and behind the steering wheel is where you begin to notice the attention to detail and performance. 

So far I’ve nothing but compliments and head turning reactions from fellow off-roading enthusiasts. I have yet to be able to load it up on the trailer and travel anywhere without someone pulling up beside it to point and stare or snap a picture of it. 

ATVI:    What do you like most about the Commander? 

LG: The Commander has always impressed me in terms of raw power, speed, and agility that it possesses. The power, along with the Fox shocks, gives me a comfortable ride on any terrain. 

ATVI:   Any thoughts on the 2013 Maverick?  

LG: The Maverick appears to be an exciting adventure for the world of pure sport SxS and another great accomplishment for Can-Am Off-road. 

ATVI:   So, has it gotten dirty yet?  2013.can-am.commander.cold-blooded-performance-lord-vader.close-up.air-intake.JPG

LG: Yes, it has been dirty quite a few times, so far mostly for the sake of tuning. Nothing too extreme yet……. 

ATVI:   Any upcoming plans for rides or trips with your Can-Am? Surely Mud Nationals? 

LG: I plan to attend Mudstock in mid-October and Mud Nationals.  As well as any other opportunities my friends and I have to make it over to our favorite spots, Sabine ATV Park or River Run ATV for a weekend ride. 

ATVI:   You have any advice to prospective or current Commander owners about getting the most out of their SxS? 

LG: Best advice I could give any Can-Am owner that wants to customize their off-road vehicle is to give Kris at Cold Blooded Performance a call. I had envisioned the appearance and the performance that I wanted my Commander to possess. Kris has the knowledge, experience, attention to detail, and excellent work ethic that it takes to build or fine tune an aggressive, high performance off-road vehicle.  He was there with me every step of the way through this build and the Commander sitting in the pictures would not have been possible without him.2013.can-am.commander.cold-blooded-performance-lord-vader.close-up.rear-suspension.JPG

ATVI:   Thanks for sharing your creation with us Lance, and good riding this year!  One suggestion though;  You really need to get a Darth Vader helmet to wear when driving it!







August 31, 2013

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