SSV Works would like to proudly introduce the freshest member of our tight-knit team, Lorin Morrell.

With a background swathed in ATV & UTV sales and marketing experience, Lorin fit right in with the SSV Works team, and will function as the face, eyes, and ears of SSV Works at many industry events and shows throughout the year. Lorin has a long-standing relationship with many manufacturers, vendors, dealer networks, and customers, and is already perfectly at home with SSV Works’ culture and ideals. To help you get to know him a little better, we put him through a quick interview. If you see Lorin at an event near you, make sure to stop by and say hi so he can fill you in on the latest and greatest from the UTV Industry’s premier audio system manufacturer! 


SSV Works: So Lorin, when did you first venture into the off road world?

LM:  I guess you could say I have been off-roading since my first solo run on the Tundra of Alaska on my Dad’s old 10-horse Ski Doo at 3 years old! I started riding motorcycles at about 8, and moved to street bikes, then 3 wheelers and quads, and finally into UTV’s around 2008.

SSV Works: How did you first get involved with us?

LM: I think I met Trevor in 2011 at one of the events, and we became instant friends. He is even more hyper than I am, so I think we spoke the same distracted English language. I really had an admiration for the quality product SSV Works produced. As I got more involved with the company I was with at the time, we began to work together on several car builds. 

SSV Works: What is your official role with SSV Works?

LM: I will be running the SSV Works Booth at Shows/Events, and helping out with Marketing.

SSV Works: What are you looking forward to with SSV Works in the future?

LM:  I am looking forward to helping grow the company however I can. Helping to build the dealer network as well as the fan base by being at as many events as possible and showing off the product!

SSV Works: What is your favorite ride spot or terrain?

LM: That is tough; everywhere I’ve ridden I find something I love, and a way to get my fix. I like hauling butt through the pines or in the desert, or picking lines (hopefully the right ones) through the dunes in Oregon or Glamis. It’s a monstrous rush clawing through the trails of Moab (probably the least comfortable terrain for me).  I guess they are all my favorites as long as I’m out and jamming to some incredible SSV Works-provided sounds!

SSV Works: Can you give us a history of your involvement in the UTV Industry?

LM:  I became involved in UTV’s with the onslaught of the 2008 Polaris RZR 800 and Teryx 750. I was involved with the performance side of things at that time, and was given the opportunity to be involved with testing and development of many great products. I remember how incredible the little RZR 800 was- when my neighbor brought home a first production run 800, it was like nothing else I had driven. Like a mini sand car- I was so impressed, and look at where we are now …. 

SSV Works: What is your favorite SSV Works product?

LM: Probably the Weatherproof overhead system, it really is ingenious. It’s easy to install, easy to use, fully expandable, and sounds amazing. It just never ceases to bewilder me when I have mine on; standing outside the car, I can have a regular conversation, but when I get in the car, I am completely engulfed in fantastic quality sound. It actually makes me smile every time, and I love to get people in there and just see the look of surprise on their face, like how is this happening? I simply explain that it’s SSV Works Audio Magic 


SSV Works: What is your favorite event of the year?

LM:  Wow! All the tough questions … good gravy, not sure I can pick just one! Camp RZR is always awesome, Sand Sports Super Show is, well, Super. DuneFest is special to me, partially because it’s kinda my turf. I started doing DuneFest in ’09, and I get to see a lot of my long-time friends that are vendors or attendees. The UTV Invasion is always fun as well, and so are Rally on the Rocks, The MINT 400, Mud Nationals, UTV Worlds…  man, I could go on and on! I think being around my off road family, who are the great friends I have in this industry, makes every event my favorite. I have many special memories from each and every event, every year. Come visit me at all of them, I’ll be in the SSV Works booth!

SSV Works: What makes SSV Works the leader in off road audio product in your opinion?

LM:  I believe it is Trevor’s commitment to providing the highest quality product possible. SSV Works is the original, the trendsetter, the benchmark, and continue to be year after year, because no one at SSV Works will accept anything less. At headquarters last month, I heard team members working together on a new project. You know they are into it when you hear words like awesome, incredible, sweet, and crazy being thrown around. The crew works as a team to provide the end user with an audio experience that no other company can duplicate. From concept, to R&D, to finished product, the team is always striving to go one step further and push the limits. 

SSV Works: How will you help SSV Works grow as a company?

LM:  I am hoping to assist by growing their PNW Dealer network. Being “the box-top haircut with the ‘stache” that you see at all the events, and by working to further grow the OEM relationships, I really think we can make an impact. I am also tightly knit with many of the media outlets in this industry, and we will continue to pump out new, interesting product to share with them and the end users, you!