Startup redefines outdoor market with Innovative Front Pocket Metro Sling Design

Startup redefines outdoor market with Innovative Front Pocket Metro Sling Design

vendor.2015.rego-gear.front-pocket-metro-sling.jpgOceanside, CA, March 25, 2015 – Rego Gear announced the worldwide release of the Front Pocket Metro Sling(, combining features of traditional backpacks with its innovative ultra light, versatile, and functional front pocket design to bring active lifestyles the next level in outdoor gear.

We live in a world that is constantly changing. We live fast, play fast and stay connected with a press of a button. But immediate access to our phones, or other essentials, isn’t always immediate. It’s cumbersome to have to search around in a backpack while on the move. We are redefining the market with a product that provides instant access and security to your essentials, whether you’re bouncing along rocky biking trails or trekking up a remote hiking path,” said Alex Camacho, Founder, New Product Development, Rego Gear. 

What satisfied customers are saying:

  • Love this item!!! The metro sling allows me to comfortably carry lots of items that would be so bulky and uncomfortable in my pockets. Great for sports activities: riding a bike, scooter, motorcycle, skates, etc.,…or just walking the dog!”

  • Hi Alex! Well, the Rego Gear was a success! So much so that my son begged to keep the one I bought and he will be taking it back to Denmark with him. He too thought it was brilliant to have something with pockets in front. I will be ordering more of these slings shortly.”

  • The Metro Sling has proven to be very convenient for use on our day hikes and when walking the dog.”vendor.2015.rego-gear.front-pocket-metro-sling.front.jpg

Benefits and Functionality

The patent pending ultra-light design is resistant to abrasions, tears and scuffs. Water-resistant fabric and foam padding insulation keep mobile devices protected from moisture damage and impact. Underlying sling is outfitted with moisture-wicking air mesh. Ergonomic design provides a comfortable, snug fit across the chest and back, maximizing resistance to slipping and drooping. It is equipped with a rear adjustable water bottle holster, adjustable strap and quick release buckle for versatility. The RG-Anchor™ is a strategically positioned side-loop carabineer that easily clips to any pant loop, anchoring the sling further for rigorous performance.

Pricing and Availability

The Front Pocket Metro Sling is available now at Price is $49.95.

About Rego Gear LLC

REGO GEAR is a startup company launched November 2014. It is an outdoor company defined by innovation, ingenuity and integrity that designs high-quality, front pocket packs for evolving and active lifestyles.